Next Sunday. Sauce Boss LIVE!… Busy, Busy, Busy, and a Big Red Oak Tree

April 26, 2020

Sunday, May 3rd, 8 pm. Sauce Boss LIVE!

Mark your calendar. Next Sunday I will be live once more. I had such a good time virtually hangin wid all y’all, I’m on have to do it again. This one will be a hoot. I’ll bring out my old ’33 National steel  guitar, and git all gut bucket on ya. I’ll cook a little somethin up in the kitchen. Plus that bluesy version of the Beatles tune is smokin. So as Lennon said…”Spread the Word!” Please share this with your friends. “Come on in my Kitchen” and join us on Facebook LIVE at 8 pm on May 3rd.

Sauce Boss Video in the works

My daughter, Mary Wharton has just finished a movie project which I am extremely proud to be part of. I have contributed a bunch of my music for the Original Score. The name of the movie…”Jimmy Carter  Rock and Roll President.” Mary is one of the Producers and the Director. The movie has interviews with, and performances by The Allman Brothers, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett, Muddy Waters, Garth Brooks, Dizzy Gillespie, Marshall Tucker, and Charlie Daniels, to name a few. After hanging in the thick of the New York rock video scene for the last few decades, Grammy winning Mary has honed her chops enough to make this flick JUMP! The movie is a rockumentary about how the above mentioned musicians rallied behind the South Georgia peanut farmer, lighting his path to the White House. The attention these musicians gave to Jimmy Carter as being “one of us”, gave the whole country another choice after the corruption of the Nixon years. The movie follows Jimmy through his presidency, and all the way to today as he builds houses for the poor, and promotes peace and equality all over the world. His unshakeable faith shines through the whole story. The movie was scheduled to premiere April 15 in New York City at the Beacon Theatre, kicking off the Tribeca Film Festival. Needless to say, we were ecstatic to attend. Willie Nelson was to play after the screening. Jimmy Buffett was planning to attend. Possibly the Obamas. Paul Shaffer was the house band. And then… well you know. Tribeca has been postponed. Here’s a link to the press release.

The good news is that an international release has been negotiated. In the meantime, I am working on a video of one of my tunes from the movie. So far I am pleased with the shoot. Mary is helping with the video production. Check out her website. ( I am looking for photos of smiling faces. Would you be interested in submitting something to be part of this project? The tune is about smiling through adversity, and being kind to one another. A hi-res head shot with yer smiling mug, or even a 3 or 4 second video might work.  If you are interested, upload a high res photo or video clip to:


When this pandemic began taking over the world, I thought I’d be bored out of my mind, but nothing could be further than the truth. I’m busier than ever, doin stuff. Sure, I miss seein y’all, and bumpin up against everybody, hangin in a crowd, and being social, but the time and space to just live life and do whatever I want has been liberating. A month before all this cray-cray descended upon us, I had the uncontrollable urge to do a project I’d been thinking about for a long time. I made a cyprus and cedar base for an outdoor sink and we put in some more water access for gardens around the house. Since that time I’ve been non-stop. I’ve had the time and mindful determination to improve my quality of life. We used this cast iron antique sink for years in our little cabin. It’s my all time favorite. Probably 100 years old. Now it serves as the vegetable washer and dirty hand cleaner so we don’t have to make a mess in the house. It’s so handy with all the washing of hands we have to do these days, and just washing my hands in this sink makes me happy.

New Beds

We doubled our garden area with three new beds and mounds for a big crop of Native American pumpkin. We now have the garden space to supply us with six kinds of peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, eggplant, okra, leeks, broccoli, sweet potatoes, celery, parsley, three kinds of basil, oregano, chervil, rosemary, fennel, thyme, summer savory, cilantro, lemon grass, ginger, turmeric, galangal, yellow squash and a kiwi vine. New trees include grapefruit, persimmon, paw-paw, mulberry, and a couple of cold hardy avocados to add to our orchard. BURRRRP!!!

Corn and Crawfish Chowder

Having the time for planning of meals has made our dinner table amazing. This bowl of corn and crawfish chowder was off the chain good. Almost didn’t make the photo. It was gone in no time. Thanks, Ruthie!

3 big green onions chopped, greens and all
1 cup of broth
4 potatoes chopped
1 can sweet corn
1 LB crawfish tails
2 cups milk
Salt and pepper
Chopped parsley
Liquid Summer Hot Sauce

Saute onions
Add potatoes and cover with broth until done
Add crawfish and corn and milk, and cook on low until well heated
Add Liquid Summer Hot Sauce, salt, and ground black pepper to taste
Garnish with chopped parsley

New Steps

The old steps were riddled with carpenter bees and the woodpeckers came and made a wreck of them, pecking out their lunch. I just haven’t had time to do anything about it. Red and white oak. There’s always so much to do.

Screenshot From My Phone

On September 2, 2016, Hurricane Hermine passed right over us. Outside the house was a maelstrom of wind and rain. Soon after midnight I heard a rumbling of wind and a crunching sound as a big red oak tree was blown over, ripping the roots out of the ground. The crunching sound went on for a very long time as the tree slowly fell into neighboring trees striping limbs or completely flattening them on its way down, finally coming to rest in the arms of a couple of other trees.

Sometimes I’m the luckiest guy I know.

Here’s the view from upstairs in my office.

It was a mess.
So I cleaned all the dirt off the roots.

That was the fun part.

I cut off the roots.

The logs took a ride to the mill

And I made a fire

After drying the boards under tin for three years, my son Floyd planed the 2×14 inch boards, and I made this coffee table from my old friend. How many times did I stand next to you in the night, gazing into the trees or up at the heavens? Thanks for the company, the relief, and now a place to put my cup.



Summertime Blues

July 24, 2019

Headed to New York: To finish work on the score of a movie. Super excited to be involved with this project with my daughter Mary Wharton.  (Executive Producer and Director) I have recorded some of it in Tallahassee and Nashville. I’ve also remixed some of my Kingsnake recordings for the movie. Details on the project soon come! Can’t wait to tell all y’all about all of it, but I’m sworn to secrecy. Hope to see y’all at the gigs in Tennessee, New Hampshire, Maine and New York. Schedule.


Mark your calendar for the 2019 Florida Scallop and Music Festival in Port St. Joe. 
This festival is really going to help this town recover from Hurricane Michael last year.  These guys have had a rough time of it. Port St Joe is 13 miles from ground zero where the eye came inland.  Sauce Boss is going to hit the stage on 6:30 on Saturday August 31, followed by the Frank Jones Band.  It is going to be a party!

Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon with Spicy Caramelized Onions

Caution: This recipe is extremely healthy.
Easy does it.
Wild Salmon Filet
Liquid summer Datil and Habanero Hot Sauce
2 large onions chopped
Spicy handmade veggie broth

I keep a gallon plastic bag in the freezer, and while cooking I take the veggie scraps like onion skins, broccoli stalks, asparagus ends, carrots etc. and put em in the gallon bag, and stash it in the freezer. When the bag is full, I cover with water in a crockpot and cook it for a long time (about three hours), let it cool, and then strain and freeze the broth in jars. For this broth recipe I added jalapeño scraps and seeds. This gives the onions a kick.

Mix Liquid Summer Datil and Habanero Sauces and baste the entire filet with the mixture. Chop the onions and sauté in the spicy veggie broth. Cover the fish with the onions and smoke it for about 3 hours ( between 150 and 200 degrees). This recipe uses the flavor of the spicy broth rather than a greasy basting sauce to give flavor to the salmon. Of course the Liquid Summer helps out.

Since 1986, I have never been out of hot sauce.

 Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant
991 Thompson PL, Nashville, TN 615-686-5857

This girl does it all. Takes your order, cooks it up and serves you fresh down home Ethiopian cuisine in Nashville, of all places. Beautiful vibe and great tasting comfort food makes this place a warm and friendly destination for dinner. If you’re not familiar with the communal Ethiopian way of eating, you owe it to yourself to try it. Finger food, no forks or knives are used, the different dishes are all spooned onto the spongy flat sourdough bread called Injera. There’s also more Injera rolled up for dipping. The deal is to take a piece of bread and use it as a delivery system for the spicy pungent offerings. In the photo above are red lentils, yellow lentils, collards, potatoes, and grilled lamb. The sauces and juices from all the different dishes seep down and mingle with the bread on the plate. It’s like soppin up a tangy gravy on a sourdough pancake saturated with a wonderful juicy, spicy aromatic flavor. I want some NOW!


The Life and Times of Blind Boy Billy

October 8, 2018

Blind Boy Billy
Single Release Date – October 19, 2018
If you are not already on the email list: go to and join it to receive a free download of the song.

Produced by David Davidson
Engineered by Bobby Shin
at The Library Studios, Nashville TN
Cover art by Dick Bangham
One man Band: Bill Wharton
Fiddle: David Davidson

The single is from the upcoming album (Blind Boy Billy), which is the companion to the book, The Life and Times of Blind Boy Billy.
In addition to solo one-man band tracks on the album, the Sauce Boss has taken his one-man band and added violin, sousaphone, snare drum and backing singers to tell the ragtime story of an irascible traveling fiddler, Blind Boy Billy.

CD and Vinyl Album to be Released January 11, 2019

It’s no Moby Dick, or Ulysses, but it is unlike any book I have ever seen. From the press release:

The Life and Times of Blind Blind Boy Billy is a memoir. It’s also a songbook (with soundtrack) and a cookbook. Bill Wharton filets the story of his life, smokes it, and sandwiches it between photographs, tunes and recipes. It’s the backstory of a life of sharing food and music. It’s also a story of the outlaw grower of fine cannabis, and his brush with the law. The tunes and the recipes follow the story, with the Sauce Boss mixing media like it was cornbread.”

Kindle Ebook Pre-order
Which contains link to soundtrack online
Release Date October 12, 2019

Kindle Pre-order for Multimedia Book which contains soundtrack of 20 mp3 songs
(Playable only on Amazon Fire devices and Kindle apps for Android phones and tablets)
Release Date October 19, 2019

Paperbook Pre-order at Amazon
Release Date November 2, 2019

Coming Soon

Downbeat: 3 PM

Meeting of the Minds!!!!!!!

Here we go again.
Saturday Nov. 3rd at the Casa Marina 5:30 on the main stage.
Sunday Nov. 4 at the Ocean Key Resort 4:30 on the Sunset Stage.
Of course I’ll be playing tunes from my new album, Including the Sauce Boss rendition of I Will Play For Gumbo. I am sooo looking phorward to this one y’all.

While in key west, I might need to have a pink er two. Here’s my cocktail sauce recipe from The Life and Times of Blind Boy Billy. 

Cocktail Sauce

2 cups ketchup
Juice of a lemon
1 Tbsp horseradish (or more)
¼ cup Liquid Summer Hot Sauce (or more)

Order Liquid Summer Hot Sauce HERE!


August 30, 2017

Upcoming shows in Destin, Warren OH, Buffalo NY, and Niagara Falls.

Saturday September 2 @ 7 pm

September 13 @ 7 pm

September 15 @ 7pm

September 16 @ 1:30 pm

Sauce Boss Summer Tour took us from Tallahassee to San Diego and back, then up to Maine and back. 11,500 miles on those two runs. And that does not count the flight to Montana and back.

Here are some shots from a few of the the gigs, sightseeing, and some food along the way.


The Alamo

Pecos River

Judge Roy Bean’s

City of Rocks. New Mexico


City of Rocks

Sunset New Mexico

Sabino Canyon. 111 degrees

San Diego Parrothead Club with Washboard Willie.

Los Angeles Farmers Market with babes!

Zion in Utah

It gets HOT in Zion

The Utah Arts Festival

Jammin with one of the guests at the Volunteers of America Youth Resource Center in Salt Lake City. A homeless shelter for teens. These kids are as cool as it gets.

Wilsons Arch Utah

Piedra Canyon near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We spent a couple of days at the hot springs, hiking, soaking and expanding our minds.

Santa Fe Holiday. The food, the art, the music, the culture. Beautiful!

Amarillo, Texas.

The Central Oklahoma Parrothead Club in Oklahoma City really threw down on this one.

The lovely and Super talented Vanessa Collier joins me at the Greenwood Blues Cruise, bringin down the house. What a spirit this young woman has!

Caught red handed!  That’s not on my diet!!!! Sittin on the curb, eatin South Carolina BBQ Hash after my set.  I just could not resist. When I was a kid, my grandaddy made this stuff.  Life is good!

A Taste of Summer.
Billings Montana

Pictograph Caves. Billings, Montana. 2000 year old paintings.

Earth Wind and Fire in D.C.

Baby Jake and Walter Tates joining me at Big Owl Tiki Bar. Always epic at Big Al’s place.

Gorgeous day off in D.C. While trecking for museum to museum, we chanced upon this little tiny park with tis statue of Mahatma Ghandi. The man who broke the yoke of the British Empire. This man changed the world by making it clear that we can do the same. In this time of crazy world events, doing the right thing is imperative. His words: “My life is my message”

The Community for Creative Non-Violence. The largest homeless facility in the Country with 1300 clients.

For any railroad enthusiast, this is a must see, (hear, feel, experience). The screech of the brakes, the incredible mass of iron surrounding you, the power of half a dozen engines surging round the curve, kinetic, otherworldly. Unlike anything I have ever experienced.

The band apartment at Balloons in Ellicottville, New York. Talk about band friendly!

Erie, Pennsylvania.

Wild Alaskan Nova on pumpernickel. Russ & Daughters, New York City

Nawlins. Long Island, New York.

Black Eyed Salley’s. Hartford, Connecticut.

The crowd at the Jimmy Buffett Concert in Mansfield, Mass. Sold out in six minutes!

While in Maine…

Neddick, Maine

Turner’s Fettuccine with clams and lobster. Salem, Mass.

Memorial to those executed for witchcraft.

Gettysburg Battlefield. Very dark mojo in this place. There’s still something goin on here.

Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia with one of the greats, Walter Tates.

A VERY LARGE THANK YOU goes out to all the Gumbo Heads out there who came to the shows this Summer! Without your ears, I would be nothing. Together, we have broken down the barriers between audience and performers, transforming the nights into celebrations of community and love. Keep Cookin!





August 4, 2010

WOW! What a tour.  Here I am in Ottawa, jamming with the Voices of the Wetlands. From the left to right, Cyril Neville, Sauce Boss, Tab Benoit, Johnny Sansone, Marsha Ball, and Anders Osborne. Lighting it up!  Thanks to all on this tour, Scott Sterling at the Dinosaur BBQ, Mark Monahan and everyone at the Ottawa Bluesfest, the great folks from the Cape Fear Blues Cruise, Daughter Mary who put us up at her country estate, the Washington DC Parrot Heads, for their generous benefit for Planet Gumbo, And the Big Owl Tiki Bar on the Maryland Shore for an unforgettable afternoon adventure.

Now its off to Miami, Key Largo, and the Midwest for another killer adventure. HERE’S THE SCHEDULE

Sirius Radio’s Bluesville channel has been playing “Marquis de Swamp” a whole lot.  Justin’s mom said she heard it four times one day.  Keep it rolling. Here’s the link to request yer fave Sauce Boss tunes.

13501 S.W. 136 STREET MIAMI, FL 305-233-7575
8399 S.W. 40 STREET MIAMI, FL 305-221-1511


A real find, a people’s restaurant, none of that Miami glitz. Just great fresh seafood, superior service, fabulous prices, and unpretentious friendly vibe.  This is what I’ve been looking for.  These folks are really proud of what they do, and there is an esprit that’s evident the moment you walk in the door.  It’s the Old World reverence for sustinance. The rice is light and fluffy, the whole grilled snapper is two pounds of marinated bliss.  Five kinds of Paella share the menu with varied preparations of seafood and home made pasta. A surprising $12 bottle of Napa Valley cab blew my mind.  Ten minutes after opening, it mellowed down into a smooth finish.  Breakfast  with dynamite café con leche included starts at $2.99, and it’s served all day long. Try that at Starbuck’s.

A Refreshing Liquid Summer Bloody Mary

1 cup V-8
1 teaspoon Horseradish
Dash of celery salt
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
2 teaspoons lemon juice
A couple shots of vodka
Mix ingredients together and pour into a glass of ice.
Fresh stalk of celery and olives


May 11, 2010

key west, Spartanburg, Knoxville, Palatka, New Jersey, Rochester, Pittsburgh. We are cookin the shrimp all over the place.

If you can not make it to key west, you can dig the Sauce Boss via the Parrot’s live webcam.
Show times are:
5:30 on Friday afternoon, 10:30 Friday nite, 10:30 Saturday nite, and 5:30 on Sunday afternoon.


It’s not like the old site with a couple of choices for sauce and some CDs.  Now there’s mix and match specials, single bottles, cases, package deals, t-shirts…all kinds of stuff.  And stay tuned for limited run sauce and music items.  Coming soon is Sauce Boss vinyl. Check out the store here.


6840 FRONT ST. KEY WEST (STOCK ISLAND) 305-294-33040

Y’all ready for the freshest seafood in key west?  The last best kept secret in the keys? The newest hush-hush, only known to locals, off the beaten track, completely chill, right next to the boats, bringing home the catch to the few, the chosen, the truly hip, the lucky dogs who are in the “know”?
Try the Shrimp Shack.  My good friend Ray runs the place.  Ray and the Sauce Boss go back 20 years.  After retiring from being GM at Margaritaville, he took over the chores of a little restaurant on the docks of Stock Island.  The Shrimp Shack gets the seafood from the fish market which is in the same location.  It has huge piles of right off the boat key west pinks, lobsters, snappers, mahi, tuna, oysters, clams, conch, mussels, squid, smoked fish, and fresh catch. (whatever’s coming off the boats at that moment)
This place is right on the docks.  Right next to the shrimp boats tied up to their moorings, with the charm and surly character of the wild and fiercely independent professional fishermen.  This is a part of key west which has sadly disappeared as condos, upscale eateries, and t-shirt shops have replaced the true character with sanitized imitations of the old key west, suitable for a cruise ship crowd.  I don”t know about you, but I would rather eat with the fleet.

Dining On The Docks

Shrimp Cocktail With Liquid Summer Datil Sauce
Boil or steam some of those key west pinks just long enough to be considered done. Do not over cook the shrimp. Mix a half a cup of ketchup with the juice of a lemon, 2 tbs of  Liquid Summer Datil Pepper Hot Sauce,  1 tbs horseradish,  and proceed to chow down.

CD Release Parties, Grouper Amandine a la Sauce Boss, AND…the World’s Best Chili Dog (maybe)

March 2, 2010

That’s right! Hot N Heavy is coming soon. If you want to be one of the first to get yours, you can pre-order it at our new SAUCE BOSS STORE. You can also pre-order our newest sauce: Hot and Heavy Peach Sauce. We have the recipe for a good time DOWN.  Yer not gonna believe how gooood this stuff is.  Our official release is March 23rd, but for our special  friends, we’re sneaking a few discs and bottles for early release parties.  Here’s where we will be in the next few weeks. Tallahassee, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Pensacola, Pelham GA, Coral Gables, and Melbourne.If you can’t make any of our Florida  and Georgia shows, you can listen to a live Sauce Boss show this Saturday night (3/6/10) at the BBC (that’s the Bradfordville Blues Club). Hank 99 FM is going to be broadcasting it live over the air and on the internet from 10:00pm to 11:30 pm.

Grouper Amandine a la Sauce Boss
1 pound grouper filet
4 Tbs olive oil
1/2  pound almonds chopped
2 Tbs mustard
2 Tbs Liquid Summer Hot Sauce
1 Tbs honey
Grease a cast iron frying pan with half of the olive oil
Slop the fish around on both sides coating it with the oil
Bake at 350 degrees
Mix remaining ingredients
When the fish is almost done, put the almond mixture on top of the fish and finish it off in the oven.
Serve with lemon
Sauce Boss Grouper

118 W Lafayette Blvd  Detroit, MI 48226 (313) 964-8198

“Coney Island hot dog (also Coney Dog or Coney) refers to a hot dog made of beef with casing, topped with an all meat chili, diced onion and yellow mustard.  The variety is a fixture in Detroit Michigan, served there and in the “heartland” states of the American Midwest.  Despite the name, the preparation style has little direct association with Coney Island itself beyond recognition of the birthplace of the original hot dog… Coney Islands generally offer a choice of either Flint or Detroit style coney dogs.  Flint style is characterized by a dry chili more similar to ground beef than chili, while Detroit style is more soupy, heavy with chili and cumin powders.” So says the oracle, Wikipedia.

Late Nite Coney Customers

There is a debate raging as to which style and indeed, which Coney Island restaurant is the best.  In 1917, Gust Keros and his brother established the American Coney Island in Detroit.  Soon after they opened, an argument ensued, and they split the restaurant, starting a culinary feud which has lasted  the better part of a century. To this day, the Lafayette Coney Island and The American Coney Island stand in resolute defiance of one another, right next door, dishing out what each considers the best chili dog in the world.

I have eaten the Flint and  Detroit varieties, and I must say the slop, goop, mish mash, hot dawg soup of Detroit has my vote.  It’s like playin slide guitar.  You don’t want it to be too clean, to clear, too pristine. You need the proper amount of extortion in the amp. You want slop. You want the notes to blend together, like cane syrup and butter on a big stack of hoe cakes.  It’s this blending that galvanizes the rich overtones. Pure sound.  So it is with coney dogs.  I mean it’s three in the morning after a balls to the walls jamming set at the Greektown Casino.  Any body want a salad?  I don’t think so.

Couple o' coney dogs

Mardi Gras in Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan. Fish Market Restaurants, Fresh Oysters, and a Veggie Plate

February 9, 2010

Join us for Mardi Gras in Orlando, Steinhatchee, Sharon, PA, Buffalo, NY, and Upper Michigan.
Here’s the schedule.

3150 E. EL CAMINO RD. PALO ALTO, CA   650-493-8862
The Fish Market is a chain of seven restaurants in California and Arizona.  They are actually markets where you can buy fresh seafood to cook at home, or you can sit and dine in the restaurant.  This is a Cali style restaurant, with sushi, oysters, smoked and mesquite grilled fish, salads, and a selection of California wines.  It’s not your down home, funky, best kept secret kind of place, however it is fresh, good quality seafood. Stop in the market after you chow down on Dungeness Crabs, and take home some Smoked Wild Alaskan King Salmon.


For a more down home approach to the fish market/restaurant approach, try The Oyster Bar Seafood Shack in Blountstown, Florida.  A welcome change from most fish houses, there’s no fried food. Everything is grilled, smoked, steamed, or raw. And the price difference is great. Instead of around $12 for six raw oysters in California, try $9 for a dozen in Florida. The Seafood Shack is truly a family operation. The mother in law of the owner makes the homemade desserts.
20003 Central Ave. West.  Blountstown, FL 32424       850-647-1250

OR…for the best kept secret in the Florida Keys, try the Shrimp Shack on Stock Island.  The review of my friend, Ray’s place soon come.


Don’t you think it’s time to just cook up a bunch of veggies for dinner.  Man, that makes me feel all right!  Here’s my veggie plate with chard, potatoes, squash casserole, fresh sliced tomatoes, and green beans.  Yummm!


2 cups yellow squash, sliced
1 cup onion, diced
2 cups bread crumbs
1/4 cup butter
Medium white sauce (2 tbs butter, 2 tbs flour, and one cup of milk)
Saute squash and onion in part of the butter
Mix with white sauce
Stir bread crumbs into the remaining hot butter
Put the squash mixture in a casserole dish with the bread crumbs on top
Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees
Of course you will want to dowse yer veggies with Liquid Summer Hot Sauce

Conch Ceviche, Nature Boyz, and Way Cool Sauce Boss Gigs

May 20, 2009


First, the Greenfield Vineyard in Chandler, OK.  Then the Paradise in Pensacola Beach, Then the Smokey Mountains, Up to Columbia, MD, and Bethlehem, PA.  And finally down to Florida to the Lyric Theatre in Stuart, and AJ’s in Destin for Father’s Day.  AND do not miss our Mondays at the Beach.  Starting in June, we will be at Harry A’s on St. George Island every Monday from 6 to 10 all summer long.  (except July 13 and 20 when we will be in Canada)  Here’s the entire schedule

Check out this picture of pure bliss.  Conch ceviche with smoked fish and star fruit.
Marinade the following in lime juice and Liquid Summer Hot Sauce overnite
One pound of conch cut up
One small onion, chopped
One quarter of a bell pepper diced
One jalapeno diced
Put the mixture on a bed of lettuce with
Half pound smoked fish cut up
Sliced star fruit

Conch Cevechi
NATURE BOYZ      305-338-2155  MM 88
Clive Chung is a cool guy. Born in Jamaica with Chinese-African heritage, he knows the value of fresh fruits and vegetables.  He’s got a little juice stand inside of the Farmers Market at mile marker 88 on US hwy 1 in the Florida Keys.  He will lop the top off of a chilled cocoanut and put a straw in it or squeeze fresh sugar cane juice into your carrot/ginger energizer drink, all the while grooving to Bob Marley and putting out the super hip vibes of peace and love.  On my way down the keys, Nature Boyz will be a must stop for me.


Sauce Boss Eats a Swath Through Iberia

April 1, 2009

saucebosssevillewebSo I’m sitting in the aeropuerto in Madrid, after a weeeeek of gustation, and what a feeling!  There’s something about the food in Europe, some kind of je ne sais quoi, it just makes you feel simpatico.  Maybe the quality of ingredients, the simplicity in preparation, the lack of additives and pesticides, and unnatural chemicals.  I don’t know, but I like it.  There’s the clean air, the ample opportunity to walk your dinner away, sauntering down a small, quaint and curious street that leads who knows where. Who knows what it is, but I like it.  Did I say that I liked it?  It’s goood.
So we started with the tapas.  They can be found everywhere, from the uptown restaurants to the unassuming little bars where the value can be great if you shop around.  Here’s six little baby cephalopods grilled on a stick.


Also marinated anchovies and  smoked ham from acorn fed pigs.  They know about pig meat in Spain. We found squid, fish, and pig at Arysol in the Plaza del Sol in Madrid.


How bout some olives and capers?


Any one for some Foie Gras, which is equally as good as any I’ve had in the south of France?  Yes, please…

Or, on the other end of the scale, the ham (those Spanish guys love their ham) and chorizo tapas from Villa Del Pescalado.   This little hole in the wall is a great deal.


Then, there’s the restaurants.  Again there’s quite a range.  We sampled the whole gamut.

There was El Durero, Specialties del Castalanos.  An authentic Spanish restaurant with comidas tipical.

I had to try the white bean soup with blood sausage and chorizo.

White Bean Soup

White Bean Soup

And also the rabbit in tomato sauce.

Rabbit in Tomato Sauce

Rabbit in Tomato Sauce

This place has got a great value meal.  (Nothing like Mackie D’s) You get an app, a main entrée, a dessert (flan) and a small bottle of wine for around 10 euros. And it’s soooo cool to not have to look at a wine list.  The stuff  is good enough to say, “Red”.

Breakfast tipical is bacon (very good bacon, I might add. Those Spanish guys do like their pig meat) eggs, bread, fresh
orange juice, and café.


I have not seen oranges like this since I was a kid, growing up in central Florida.  In Seville, all the streets are lined with orange trees. Automatic orange squeezers everywhere.  orangesweb Then there’s  the seafood restaurants.  Spain is a big peninsula with lots of shoreline, and the variety is grande. This is the window of Tres Encinas, advertising all the delicacies inside. Of course octopus is every where.  That u-g-l-y, you ain’t got no alibi is an angler fish.  He sits on the bottom and “fishes” with a lure attached to his head, guiding the unsuspecting little guys close enough to scarf em up in his gi-mongous, cavern of a mouth.  seafoodwindowweb I had a little angler, as well as barnacles. barniclesweb The “neck” is the edible part.  You wriggle the skin away from the shell, leaving the muscle which you nibble.  YUMM! This place also had some great recipes like avocado and apples with shrimp on a kind of 1000 island dressing.


Or the smoked salmon salad with shrimp and asparagus.  Eeeeeuuuuu. Melt in your mouth.  Of course they had ham. Man, I have never seen so much ham in my life! hamweb And for dessert… flan caramel with a fresh baked cookie, mango sorbet, and berries. There’s always room for flan.
Here’s a plate from the Bodega Gongora Bares in Seville.  Langostines, cockles, two kinds of shrimps and razor clams and little necks too.

Then it was off to Gibraltar.  The country is really spectacular in the south.

Just west of Gibraltar we got this incredible view of Africa – way off in the distance.africaweb

The only way to follow this is…WITH DINNER! More razor clams and paella. Oh yes, and flan.  There’s always room for flan.


Oh, did I mention the ham?????  I gotta say the people of Espana really dig a pig leg. Ham or bacon for breakfast, ham and cheese for lunch, chops for dinner, and a few slices of ham at the tapas bar for a midnight snack.  In Madrid there is the Casa del 5Js – a restaurant specializing in one brand of ham. Or the craziest, over the top, Museo del Jamon.
(The Museum of Ham, Mam)


Ham R Us, Y’all.  Not to be heavy hamded, but dezs guys like their HAM.  All in all, a very good feed.  Next time I’m riding a bike.
See Ya,
Sauce Boss

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