The Life and Times of Blind Boy Billy

October 8, 2018

Blind Boy Billy
Single Release Date – October 19, 2018
If you are not already on the email list: go to and join it to receive a free download of the song.

Produced by David Davidson
Engineered by Bobby Shin
at The Library Studios, Nashville TN
Cover art by Dick Bangham
One man Band: Bill Wharton
Fiddle: David Davidson

The single is from the upcoming album (Blind Boy Billy), which is the companion to the book, The Life and Times of Blind Boy Billy.
In addition to solo one-man band tracks on the album, the Sauce Boss has taken his one-man band and added violin, sousaphone, snare drum and backing singers to tell the ragtime story of an irascible traveling fiddler, Blind Boy Billy.

CD and Vinyl Album to be Released January 11, 2019

It’s no Moby Dick, or Ulysses, but it is unlike any book I have ever seen. From the press release:

The Life and Times of Blind Blind Boy Billy is a memoir. It’s also a songbook (with soundtrack) and a cookbook. Bill Wharton filets the story of his life, smokes it, and sandwiches it between photographs, tunes and recipes. It’s the backstory of a life of sharing food and music. It’s also a story of the outlaw grower of fine cannabis, and his brush with the law. The tunes and the recipes follow the story, with the Sauce Boss mixing media like it was cornbread.”

Kindle Ebook Pre-order
Which contains link to soundtrack online
Release Date October 12, 2019

Kindle Pre-order for Multimedia Book which contains soundtrack of 20 mp3 songs
(Playable only on Amazon Fire devices and Kindle apps for Android phones and tablets)
Release Date October 19, 2019

Paperbook Pre-order at Amazon
Release Date November 2, 2019

Coming Soon

Downbeat: 3 PM

Meeting of the Minds!!!!!!!

Here we go again.
Saturday Nov. 3rd at the Casa Marina 5:30 on the main stage.
Sunday Nov. 4 at the Ocean Key Resort 4:30 on the Sunset Stage.
Of course I’ll be playing tunes from my new album, Including the Sauce Boss rendition of I Will Play For Gumbo. I am sooo looking phorward to this one y’all.

While in key west, I might need to have a pink er two. Here’s my cocktail sauce recipe from The Life and Times of Blind Boy Billy. 

Cocktail Sauce

2 cups ketchup
Juice of a lemon
1 Tbsp horseradish (or more)
¼ cup Liquid Summer Hot Sauce (or more)

Order Liquid Summer Hot Sauce HERE!

Tallahassee to key west and Some In Between

October 24, 2017


Tallahassee, Miami, key west, Sebastian, Delray Beach, Zephyrhills, Sanford, Brooksville, Monticello.

3 pm October 28.

October 28 is a double. After the Jazz and Blues Fest, I will throw down at the Junction @ Monroe. with Mel Melton on harp and rubboard. Mel was Sonny Landreth’s harmonica man for years. He’s also a chef so we will be stirrin it up. Dylan “Ragpicker” Allen will open the show. On Halloween I will be cooking in Miami at a homeless shelter. And then

The international  convention of Parrotheads converging on key west for a week of trop rockin.

Here’s my schedule for MOTM.
Wed. November 1,  at 6 pm. CW Colt Backyard Concert Charity Series. Proceeds to help the Keys recover.
Thurs. November 2, at 11:45 pm. The Casa Marina on the Beach Stage with Mel Melton.
Fri. November 3, at 5:30 pm. The Ocean Key Resort.

Then I’ll be workin my way back home.
Saturday, November 4, at the Titanic in Miami
Sunday, November 5, at Earls Hideaway in Sebastian with
J P Soars and the Red Hots
Tuesday, November 7, at Bostons on the Beach in Delray Beach
Thursday, November 9, at Rhythm and Brews in Zephyrhills
Saturday, November, 11 at the Alley in Sanford
Sunday, November 12, at the Riverhawk Music Festival in Brooksville
Friday, November 17, at the Downtown Getdown in Tallahassee
Friday, December 1, at the Monticello Opera House inwell, you know.


Liquid Summer Cocktail Sauce

Key West Pinks

3 Tbs Liquid Summer Datil Sauce (or more!)
1 Tbs Horseradish
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Catsup to taste
Liquid Summer makes the best cocktail sauce. This is one of my favorite recipes. The datil peppers merging with the lemon and catsup. There’s an immediate zing from the horseradish, and then the datils come up slow from the bottom, crescendoing into a tart, heady, spicy, melange of flavor that explodes  all over the fat of the shrimp…want some…

Buy Liquid Summer Here!

The Hot Sauce For The New Millennium


I have had a magical year.
Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I travel around and I play my own music . . . exclusively my own music! What did I do to deserve this artistic carte blanche?  Well… workin my ass off for fifty years has helped, however, I couldn’t have done it without y’all. So here’s a HUGE thank you to everyone who came to the shows, to the venues and their staffs, to the festivals and the parties, to the promoters, agents, radio, and press, to the Parrothead clubs and the Blues societies, to the monster musicians that sat in with me, to Peach and Dale Hench, and to Ruthie Wharton. I’m talkin ’bout ALL Y’ALL!!

AND… THANK YOU, Jimmy Buffett!  Your song, “I Will Play For Gumbo” has made a big difference in my schedule. All these guys in loud shirts keep showin up to the gigs. But more than that, I know now, that I can bring the good weather to the blues. It’s all about the attitude. So again, much love, keep cookin, and I’ll see ya down the road.

Haul of Fame

February 13, 2017

sbcitrusSt. Pete, Delaware, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, New Smyrna, Palm Coast, Chester SC, Bluffton SC, Tallahassee

Sauce Boss to be honored.
On March 5th, I’m gonna party down with my good friends Albert Castiglia, and Selwyn Birchwood, along with Les Dudek, Rick Derringer, and Mike Pinera, at the Florida Musicians Awards Hall of Fame. Burt Reynolds  will receive the Humanitarian Award. and Jerry Mathers will be stirrin the gumbo. Yep, that’s the Beaver y’all. The Beave is hosting the event, and it’s gonna be one hell of a jam. Seating is ticketed, so now’s the time to reserve a good seat. Check out the video here. And more info here

                                          This weekend!jazz-flyer

Liquid Summer Thai Salad

lsthaisaladOnions,tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, Liquid Summer Hot Sauce, honey

Cabin Fever Info

One of my favorite dishes using Liquid Summer Hot Sauce is spaghetti sauce over angel hair pasta. I will use just a little bit, where it’s almost imperceptible. But it marries all the other ingredients together, giving the sauce a character, like almost an identity, a presence that says, “Hello!” without the burn.

                                          Music on the Bay March 4thp6wuhko

The Awe Shack  
2510 Conway Rd. Suite 101 Gambrills, Maryland    21054 410-721-5022
When I saw the name, I was skeptical. However when I tasted the food, I was a believer in the awesomeness of this little kabob place between Baltimore and DC. (Right near the intersection of I-97 and Hwy 3.  It’s a nice ride if you want to avoid the DC traffic) And when you get there, you will be rewarded. …I promise. Once in a great while, a truly great meal comes out of nowhere. A surprise, a sleeper, a complete flabbergast, that hits you up side the head like a brick… of pure flavor. I had a meal like that at this little kabob house between B’more and DC. The name is a play on “Aushak”- an Afghani handmade ravioli stuffed with scallions and leeks, topped with a traditional mint-garlic yogurt dressing, ground sirloin, and cilantro. All meats and vegetables used at the Awe Shack are organic, and the veggies are locally grown.  The “Right-out-of-the-tandoor bread” is crazy good. . The quality of ingredients, the attention to detail, and obvious love of cooking makes The Awe Shack truly awesome.


Thanks for the award, But…
Gotta say thanks to all who have congratulated me with the “Bout Time” comments on the social media. When I got the call about the Hall of Fame gig, I was blindsided. I must admit, it was kinda fun to puff up for a couple of days. Feel important, give the big bad world a little “I told ya so”.  Then I came back to planet Earth, and the humbling  began. I couldn’t have done it without folks who have supported me for all these years. Back when I began my quixotic gumbo crusade, I had no idea that traveling from A to B would involve such an effort. All along the way, some people would tell me, “I would never go up north in the blizzards of winter”. Or, “Don’t you get tired of riding in the van and waiting around in airports”? But for those smiling faces at the gigs, it’s all right here. It’s all right now. Not a rehearsal. This is it, for whatever it  will be. I guess I’ve been traveling from A to BE! Yeah, the “Be” is where I ended up. Everything between the A and the B is the “Be”. All for the better. And there’s one person who I must congratulate, and thank more than any other. My friend and companion for my lifetime, Ruth Wharton. On February 25th, we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.  I am giggin in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and  she will be at my side. Yup, braving the blizzard or the sunshine, we are in it for the long haul. And THAT’S… why I call it the “Haul of Fame”.



Killer Jams, Swimmin Holes, and Lotsa Bacon

August 8, 2016

“Cool stuff happenin.  Cool stuff ahead.”
 I told myself this lie so many times, it came true.


Benefit for Barnacle Bill’s Employees.

9 PM Saturday, August 13 The Junction @ Monroe

Saturday, August 13 The Junction @ Monroe 

Tallahassee’s legendary raw bar burned down on August 1, and so their employees are out of work. I played many a night at this place back in the day, or as I call it, “The BAD ol days”!  Come on down to The Junction @ Monroe, and join us for a great party and a great cause.  I’m on at 9 PM!  For details and complete tour schedule see

Whooee! What a Summer! Here’s just a few of my meanderings.


The BMW Owners of America International Rally 2016 Hamburg, New York


Smoked Mackerel with summer salads.  Dressing? Liquid Summer Hot Sauce!
Get your Liquid Summer Hot Sauce HERE!


Warm Springs, Virginia.
I have “taken the waters” from hot springs in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Utah, Costa Rica, Germany, France, Hungary, Peru, and now Virginia. Jefferson Pools is at the top of the heap as far as the feel good factor goes. A warm 98 degrees of heavy mineral content refreshes and invigorates when you step out of the pool into the cool mountain breeze. And your skin feels like silk. The Gentleman’s Bathhouse was constructed in 1761, making it the oldest spa structure in the US. The Pool’s namesake described the water as of the “First Merit”. Yes, Thomas Jefferson loved this place. So do I…


Big Al’s Big Owl Tiki Bar: Another Dimension!


Sauce Boss Life Hack. Hydroponic basil stays fresh in the cup holder. Smells good.


The Last Supper of Bacon. Epic carnivorous adventure at the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Fest


Worlds End State Park
The rock shelf makes for a nice swimming pool/mountain stream kinda feel. Take a dip in this river and your whole body tingles.


Rustic Buckwheat Cakes with walnuts, oats, bananas, and mangos, slathered with maple syrup. This will hang with ya. SLAMMIN!


Watkins Glen, New York

Tiki Tom! Nuff Said…

Third set of wheels for my baby. Keal Cases are the best! They sent me new replacement wheels both times. For free!


Camping on the Eighth Lake in The Adirondacks.


JP Soars. Cigar Box Guitar Wizard.


Letchworth State Park, New York.


Taste of Buffalo. 450,000 hongry people hit the street. I love playin for foodies.


This impressionist painting is actually a photograph of pebbles on the bank with the reflection of the sky and trees, melding with the lake bottom. 8th Lake Adirondacks.

BigDogBig Dog: Albert Castiglia’s album featuring my tune “Let the Big Dog Eat”  has been #1 on Roots Music Review for ten weeks! Here’s Me and Albert, and Rockin Jake jammin “Let the Big Dog Eat” at the Niagara Falls Blues Fest. Photo: Colleen Mary Johnson.

Hear! We Go Again

July 15, 2013

SBCrookediTeleBirdAll American BBQ Fest in Pittsfield, PA, Erie, PA, Ellicottville, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Sharon, PA. Talk about STOMPIN grounds! Hear is the schedule

MOTM2013On Nov. 1, 2013,  I will play for Gumbo.
We have been invited to headline Friday night at the Meeting of the Minds at the Casa Marina in key west.

Chanterelle Curry

Just an idea...

Just an idea…

For all y’all who are loading up your phone with blues for the beach, I know you love you some Sauce Boss for that road trip.  99 cent gets you a song. $9.99 buys you a whole album. iTunes or CD Baby.  And if you want CDs or hot sauce, you can always get them at the Sauce Boss Store.

Sauce-Boss-Live-PAL-label-125  HotNHeavy124   flbluescover124
RAWCoverWeb-125   comegetit124   sauceboss3_small

Whole Oats
I’ve been doin this whole oat thing for a while. When I discovered steel cut oats, I was blown away with how much better they were than oat meal. When I began using whole oats, I was again blown away with how much better than steel cut oats, they were. Whole oats are to steel cut, as steel cut are to oat meal. So good. I mix the oats with brown rice for a very sticky, very tasty,  and much healthier sushi. Really good. Then there’s Oat Cakes. Just mix the cooked oats with a little flour, a little flax meal, walnuts, and raisins. Make em into patties. Bake em on a cookie sheet. Super good. Oh, and then there’s the traditional oats for breakfast. Oats with raisins,  and blackberries picked from the garden. The best.


A Little Mess of Green Beans

May 14, 2013

Moon20130416Ohio, Detroit, North Carolina, St. Louis, Fayetteville, Little Rock.
That’ll get us down the road.
Here’s where.

BeanSalad2Tex Mex bean salad and sashimi avocado with black cherry miso dressing
These two recipes will compliment your bbq picnic just fine. Don’t forget the Liquid Summer Hot Sauce!

For the bean salad, mix all together:
One can of pintos (Drain and Rinse)
One can of chick peas (Drain and Rinse)
1/2 cup minced celery (or more)
A little mess of fresh green beans steamed
One medium onion
One head of minced, then grilled garlic
Two ears of corn (Cut the corn off the cob)
One good dash of cumin
Two chopped jalapeños
½ cup chopped sweet pepper
Juice of two lemons
Three Tbs Liquid Summer Hot Sauce (or more)
Fresh ground black pepper

Then peel and slice an avocado. I use fruit and miso paste to make the dressing. I like to use ripe persimmons. Just mix the miso and fruit together. This time there were no ripe persimmons to be had, so I used St. Dalfour Black Cherry Preserves. ( sweetened with fruit juice rather than sugar. It’s real good.) Schmeer the dressing over the avocado.

Coming Soon.
Detailed instructions of how to make my Grandaddy’s South Carolina BBQ Hash

The Bad Santa Tour, Win Liquid Summer, Sauce Boss Swag Store, Sweet Potato Oranges, Hunan Chinese Restaurant,

November 29, 2012

White Mountain Blues Fest 2012

It’s that time again. December is hitting me from behind. Hard to believe another year has passed. But we have one more tour before we bid 2012 adieu.  We will be hitting all our old haunts on this tour. Here’s the scoop on our Baaaad Santa Tour.

Win a case of Liquid Summer Hot Sauce.
Here’s how to do it. Go to the Sauce Boss Facebook page and “Like” it.  Post your guess as to what my best recipe of the year is. If you are the first to guess it correctly, you will receive a case of Liquid Summer in time to stuff yer stocking. Contest ends Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST.

Now’s the perfect time to do yer holiday shopping at the Sauce Boss Store. Hot Sauce–you know you need a case of sauce for the holidaze. CDs– have you gotten “Live at the Green Parrot” yet? It’s live, live, live!  Check this deal out:   Your choice:  Any CD and any two bottles of sauce only $20.

Cornbread stuffing and  Sweet Potato Oranges

My Grandmother used to make these sweet potatoes in oranges. She would put a marshmallow on top of each of them and bake em.  This is my own version of “Mimi’s Sweet Potato Oranges”.

3 large sweet Potatoes
6 oranges
6 oz. soft tofu
Dash of each: Cinnamon, Allspice, Cloves
3 tbls maple syrup
Bake or wave the potatoes. Cut the oranges in half and juice them. Drink all but 1/2 cup of the juice. Mash the juice with the rest of the ingredients, and put the mixture in the orange shells. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 or 20 minutes.

Hunan Chinese Restaurant

386-328-0222 10 Eastgate Square Hwy 17 South East Palatka, FL 32131 Mon–Thurs: 11 am-9:30 pm Fri-Sat: 11am-10:30 pm Sun: 12 pm-9pm Lunch Special – 11 am-3 pm

Here’s a good one. I love it when I find a modest, out of the way place with true artisans doing what they love to do, and doing it soooo well. Our server, Linda was super attentive, and perfectly capable of making sure that our “special” dietary needs were met. Every dish from the kitchen was top notch and the portions were grand. Steamed dumplings. At most restaurants ya get six little teasers. I guess that’s why they call em appetizers. But at Hunan, there’s enough to fill up two people, never mind the entree. Every dish we had was more than enough. And the whole vibe and attitude was one of facilitating a great meal. It’s the difference between having a job, and doing your life’s work. The work that you were meant to do. The work that make’s you happy and prosperous in riches beyond money. Thank you Linda and you able partner in the kitchen for making our meal, our evening, and our lives better.

Special Meeting of the Minds Edition: Your key west Survival Kit.

October 24, 2012

OK, I hope all you parrotheads are ready to PARTY at the Parrot. We are coming to get ya. Here’s a little laid back post for all y’all. We are gearing up for the meeting of the minds. Making our way down through Florida and ending up in key west. So why don’t y’all come on down and join us. We hit Sanford, Sebastian,  and Delray Beach, with Planet Gumbo gigs in Lake Worth and Miami. Then on to the Green Parrot. Here’s the skinny on the gigs.

The perfect pick me up is the Liquid Summer Bloody Mary. No time to feel hung over when you have “minds” to meet.

1 cup V-8
1 teaspoon Horseradish
Dash of celery salt
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
2 teaspoons lemon juice
A couple shots of vodka
Mix ingredients together and pour into a glass of ice.
Fresh stalk of celery and olives


Show your sauciness with the Sauce Boss chef hat. The perfect attire for the food filled fun to be had in key west, or how bout Saturday nite in the boudoir. Just wear the hat with nothing else. It is guaranteed.  We are holding a bunch of them for key west shows. If you can’t make the show, buy em at the Sauce Boss Store.

After a night of heavy meeting of minds, the place to go is Sandy’s Cafe. Amazing cuban sandwiches, and my favorite, the media noche. Scrumpdillieshish!
1026 White Street  Key West, FL 33040 (305) 295-0159

Monster Fig Found In North Florida, North East Tour, & Sketti Sauce

July 10, 2012

Here”s what I grew in my yard. The biggest fig I ever saw, just hangin on the vine.I always have to put a little cream cheese and a walnut on top of these sweet things. Yummmm.

Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Sharon, Rochester, Syracuse, Hartford, Grasonville, Erie.  Key Largo and Lake Worth FL, and then back to festivals in New Hampshire and New York.  Here’s where we’ll be.  The Sauce Boss Trio is KILLING every where we go!  In this review of our last show at Skippers Smokehouse in Tampa. Florida, the writer says, “. . . I can’t imagine I will ever see another show that matches that of  The Sauce Boss.” Here’s a link to the whole story.

John Hart, Bill “Sauce Boss” Wharton, Justin Headley in Chicago

Fat Free Sketti Sauce

Makes ya feel gooood! Here’s how I do it these days:
Lots of onions, a head and a half of garlic, and some wax peppers, (grown from seeds smuggled out of Sarajevo by a friend of mine). Tomatoes from Italy. Jalapeños, mushrooms, and little rounds of asian eggplant, mucho fresh basil and plenty of oregano (whole leaves from the garden). A bay leaf for flavor, and also to determine who washes the dishes.

Oh, my gosh! I forgot to tell you. I also used my hot sauce. The one and only Liquid Summer Hot Sauce. On Sale HERE!

Fla./Midwest Tour, Sauce Swag, Laughing Seed, Veggies For Dinner, Radio Airplay

June 13, 2012

Summertime is here. Let’s BBQ!

June’s a trip–New Smyrna Beach & Destin in Florida, then headed to the Midwest: Grove OK, St Louis Mo, Cedar Rapids IA, and Lima OH. Come see us!

Sauce Boss Art for Cafe Press Items

New Sauce Boss Swag –Create your one of a kind Sauce Boss shirt with the new Poster Art at Cafe Press.  Tons of styles to choose from in sizes from infants to XXXXL.  Buttons and magnets and mugs and bags too.  And if you want to print a free Sauce Boss poster,  just go to the Sauce Boss Website and print your own.  Thanks so much to Eric Ilasenko for the use of his great photo!

Laughing Seed Café
40 Wall St. Asheville, NC  28801 828-252-3445
Open every day except Tuesday

Organic, Seasonal, Farm to Table Vegetarian Cuisine With an International Flair Locally sourced ingredients from area farms
I’ve eaten at the Laughing Seed twice, and both times I ordered the same thing.  The hemp seed garden burger.  Good, good, good. Nestled downtown in Ashville, NC, with a gaggle of boisterous entrepreneurial foodie types, cookin a wide variety of nouvelleish bill of fair, this one stands out for healthy lunch and dinner choices.

Hearty, healthy, and really tasty!

I’m really getting into the veggies!

Yep, it’s great.! Vegetables make me feel so much better.  I made sourdough banana rasin muffins, sweet potatoes, beans with mushrooms and onions, turnip greens, and a salad made with homegrown organic tomatoes, cukes, corn, olives stuffed with garlic, and capers. I then cut flowers for the table, and proceeded to CHOW DOWN!  It feels so good to create nice stuff.

Local organic produce, and fresh baked bread makes this vegetarian meal delicious.

“Live at the Green Parrot” got up to # 7 on the Florida Roots Music Report charts thanks to great radio promotion by Frank Roszak.  But PLEASE call up your local public radio station’s blues DJ and request “Killer Tone” by the Sauce Boss to help us keep getting more airplay.  Here’s a list of some of the blues shows all over the world that are already playing cuts from “Live “BoomBoom Roadhouse Vinkovci, Croatia; 3Way FM Jusblooz, Warnambool, Australia;  All Blues 558, France; Alternate Root, ASFM, Netherlands; Bendeboue Blues 217, France; Blues Cafe, Stevens Point WI, Blues Deluxe (Syndicated on 107 Stations) US; Blues Doctor, Toronto, Canada; Blues Palace KMHD, Portland OR; Bluezy, Ridderkerk, The Netherlands;  CFRO, Vancouver, Canada; Chico News, Chico, CA; CHMR, St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada; CJRD, Bellerose, Canada; CKIA, Basseville QB Canada; CKUT, Montreal, Canada; Cross’ Blues, Gap, France; Dave’s Blues Mix Star FM, Australia; Emission Pulsions, Herserange, France;  Full Time Blues, Louisville KY;  GTFM Blues Wales, Pontypridd, UK; Hotel Du Blues CKUT, Montreal, Canada; Jazz and Blues Tour, Alphen aan de Rijn, The Netherlands; Jazz Jazz, Germany; KAFM, Grand Junction CO; KAOS, Olympia WA; KBRZ, Houston TX; KCOR, Kansas City MO; KFAI, Minneapolis MN; KFSR, Fresno CA; KINK FM, Portland OR; KIPO, Honolulu HI; KKJZ, Long Beach, CA; KMBH, Harlingen TX; KMCE, Willits CA; KMXT, Kodiak AK; KSPQ, White Plains MO; KTEP,El Paso TX; KTUH, Honolulu HI; KWCW, Walla Walla WA; KXCI, Tucson AZ; Maxwell St (Terremarine FM), Echillais, France; Midnight Flyer, Norman Davis; Mystery Train, Italy; Nashville Blues Society, Nashville TN; Radio Blues Intense, Correze France; Radio Canut, Lyon, France; Radio Carcomo, Madrid, Spain; Radio Coteaux, Saint-Blancard, France; Radio Holstebro, Holstebro, Denmark; Radio Quartz, Mons, Belgium; Rock Times, Germany; CKRL, Quebec, Canada; Smokestack Lightning (Syndicated on 10+ stations), Orlando FL; Sweet Home Chicago Radio 666, France; The World of (April 11, 2012), Internet; WBGU, Bowling Green KY; WFPK Louisville KY; WCMC, Raleigh NC; WCNI, New London CT; WCVF, Fredonia, NY; WDPS, Dayton OH; WDST, Woodstock NY; WDVX, Knoxville TN; WFHB, Bloomington IN; WFPK, Fort Mill SC; WGLT, Normal IL; WHUS Storrs CT; Wildman Steve, Auburn AL; WKCC, Kankakee IL; WMEB, Orono, ME; WMRW, Warren VT; WMWV, Conway NH; WQLN Erie PA; WRFG, Atlanta GA; WUMA, Amherst MA; WWCU, Cullowhee, NC; WWNT, Dothan AL; WXCI, Danbury CT, XM Radio on BB’s Bluesville station


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