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February 13, 2017

sbcitrusSt. Pete, Delaware, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, New Smyrna, Palm Coast, Chester SC, Bluffton SC, Tallahassee

Sauce Boss to be honored.
On March 5th, I’m gonna party down with my good friends Albert Castiglia, and Selwyn Birchwood, along with Les Dudek, Rick Derringer, and Mike Pinera, at the Florida Musicians Awards Hall of Fame. Burt Reynolds  will receive the Humanitarian Award. and Jerry Mathers will be stirrin the gumbo. Yep, that’s the Beaver y’all. The Beave is hosting the event, and it’s gonna be one hell of a jam. Seating is ticketed, so now’s the time to reserve a good seat. Check out the video here. And more info here

                                          This weekend!jazz-flyer

Liquid Summer Thai Salad

lsthaisaladOnions,tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, Liquid Summer Hot Sauce, honey

Cabin Fever Info

One of my favorite dishes using Liquid Summer Hot Sauce is spaghetti sauce over angel hair pasta. I will use just a little bit, where it’s almost imperceptible. But it marries all the other ingredients together, giving the sauce a character, like almost an identity, a presence that says, “Hello!” without the burn.

                                          Music on the Bay March 4thp6wuhko

The Awe Shack  
2510 Conway Rd. Suite 101 Gambrills, Maryland    21054 410-721-5022    TheAweShack@gmail.com
When I saw the name, I was skeptical. However when I tasted the food, I was a believer in the awesomeness of this little kabob place between Baltimore and DC. (Right near the intersection of I-97 and Hwy 3.  It’s a nice ride if you want to avoid the DC traffic) And when you get there, you will be rewarded. …I promise. Once in a great while, a truly great meal comes out of nowhere. A surprise, a sleeper, a complete flabbergast, that hits you up side the head like a brick… of pure flavor. I had a meal like that at this little kabob house between B’more and DC. The name is a play on “Aushak”- an Afghani handmade ravioli stuffed with scallions and leeks, topped with a traditional mint-garlic yogurt dressing, ground sirloin, and cilantro. All meats and vegetables used at the Awe Shack are organic, and the veggies are locally grown.  The “Right-out-of-the-tandoor bread” is crazy good. . The quality of ingredients, the attention to detail, and obvious love of cooking makes The Awe Shack truly awesome.


Thanks for the award, But…
Gotta say thanks to all who have congratulated me with the “Bout Time” comments on the social media. When I got the call about the Hall of Fame gig, I was blindsided. I must admit, it was kinda fun to puff up for a couple of days. Feel important, give the big bad world a little “I told ya so”.  Then I came back to planet Earth, and the humbling  began. I couldn’t have done it without folks who have supported me for all these years. Back when I began my quixotic gumbo crusade, I had no idea that traveling from A to B would involve such an effort. All along the way, some people would tell me, “I would never go up north in the blizzards of winter”. Or, “Don’t you get tired of riding in the van and waiting around in airports”? But for those smiling faces at the gigs, it’s all right here. It’s all right now. Not a rehearsal. This is it, for whatever it  will be. I guess I’ve been traveling from A to BE! Yeah, the “Be” is where I ended up. Everything between the A and the B is the “Be”. All for the better. And there’s one person who I must congratulate, and thank more than any other. My friend and companion for my lifetime, Ruth Wharton. On February 25th, we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.  I am giggin in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and  she will be at my side. Yup, braving the blizzard or the sunshine, we are in it for the long haul. And THAT’S… why I call it the “Haul of Fame”.



The Meeting of the Minds 2013 and Skipper’s Smokehouse

October 30, 2013

We are on our way to the  Meeting of the Minds.
My yearly trek to key west for the Parrothead event has become a tradition.  Friday, November 1, headlining the festivities at the Casa Marina. Saturday afternoon, I have been invited to join in with the Coral Reefers for an unplugged set. I always look forward to connecting with familiar faces. For some, it will be our only meeting for another year. Down home, good fun. Gonna be off the chain. Phlocking crazy.

110813 Sauce Boss copy

Bill “Sauce Boss” Wharton brings his high energy, gumbo stirring, swamp funk to Skipper’s Smokehouse in Tampa on Friday November 8th. Florida born bluesman/chef Wharton rolls in from a summer of touring the Midwest, Northeast, and Canada. For those who don’t know about the Sauce Boss, he brings his own hot sauce to the gig, and he cooks gumbo while smoking his slide guitar. At the end of the Show, everyone gets a bowl. Now he adds some new flavors to the “stew”. Sauce Boss not only plays slide, sings his tamales off, makes gumbo, and feeds everybody… he will also be playing a drum kit with his feet. “You take that 53 Telecaster, pump it through that 48 Fender amp, add a bass rig, mix in some drums, all simmered down over some funky swamp blues, and smothered with gumbo, and you got a recipe for the largest one-man band on the planet.”



Getting dangerously close to the holiday season. Might need to also re-up yer Liquid Summer stash for stuffing yer stockings.  I know that Aunt Edna is dying to get the “Live at the Green Parrot” CD.  All that and more at the Sauce Boss Store.

Mango With Basil, and Cinnamon
Perfectly ripe mango, gobs of fresh picked basil, and a dusting of that Vietnamese cinnamon…incredible.


Hard to go wrong if you are a foodie in Toronto.
Walking down the street, the sights, the smells, the magical seduction of the gratification, “Come on in, I’ll show yer tummy a goood time.” The whole process is extremely accessible in this town. The prices are good, and the quality is up. If you know what you’re doin, you’ll score big time. I remember, back when I was a glutton, I got two lobsters, cooked to perfection, for $16 in Chinatown. On this trip to Canada, I was primed and ready to find some authentic ethnic cuisine.  So as I sauntered past the Kim Chi Korea House, I was struck by authentic look of the food. This time I found what I was looking for. Kim Chi Korea House is not down home. An efficient staff delivers the real deal to the table. Excellent service, reasonable price, and very good quality makes this place hop. I had to have the Kim Chi Stew in a stone hot pot. I was not disappointed.

Kim Chi Korea House
149 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON      M5G 1C5    416-599-1989

Kim Chee Toronto

Sloss Blast Furnace. Birmingham, Alabama

Click on this photo to see the detail.



August 23, 2013

April 2013 @ The Moon Tallahassee, Florida  Photo Bob O’Lary

Here’s the latest scoop on the street about that night on the Moon, along with some ancient history.

Tour schedule First stop: Terra Blues  in  Greenwich Village, then on to Niagara Falls Blues Festival, some favorite NE haunts, and the Port Credit Jazz and Blues Fest (Toronto).  Then a mad dash down to  Delray, and Pensacola Beaches.  

Wild Raspberries

Stumbled on this place in Ellicotville, NewYork
Ten miles out o’ town, the Griffis Sculpture Park. Between the way cool sculptures,  you can graze on wild raspberries.
Talk about a forage on the highway!

Sauce Boss Store:  CDs, Liquid Summer Hot Sauce, T-Shirts, Hats, Click Here.


Vegetarian Low Fat Pad Thai Noodles
OK, here’s one for all y’all who think that healthy food is bland, and tasteless, and no fun. The reason that some folks think that, is that they have had “healthy” food cooked by someone who can not really cook healthy food properly. Here ‘s a recipe that’s as flavorful as all get out.
Half pound tofu
Soy Sauce
Nutritional Yeast
1/4 pound snow peas or sugar snap peas
4 green onions, chopped
2 carrots, grated
1 cup vegetable broth
½ pound of linguine sized rice noodles
½ cup powdered peanut butter (to get crazy healthy, I use PB2, which is PB without the oil)
Juice of 2 limes
¼ c Liquid Summer Hot Sauce
Mung bean sprouts
Fresh cilantro
1. Cut tofu into ¼ inch slices, sprinkled with soy sauce and nutritional yeast, grilled until brown and then cut into bite-sized pieces
2. Put carrots, peas, and onions into vegetable broth and blanch just about two minutes and remove from pan
3. Cook noodles until al dente (about four minutes) and drain and rinse.
4. Mix peanut butter, lime juice, Liquid Summer hot sauce and broth in pan.
5. Add vegetables and tofu into peanut mixture.
6. Add noodles and stir it up.
7. Serve dish with bean sprouts and cilantro sprinkled on top.

Someday, when y’all are a bit older, I’ll tell ya the backline about that April Night on the Moon.


March 18, 2013


Here’s a FREE mp3 of my version of “Goin Back To Florida” from my 2004 CD “Come and Get It”, a song originally done by Bumble Bee Slim in 1937.


Wet Willie in yer ear, and Sauce boss in yer tummy!

Hangin in FLA:
Orlando, Tampa. Englewood. Bradenton, Jupiter, Brooksville, Deland, Tallahassee, Sanford, and back to Tampa.

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Everybody wants to be liked. Me too. If you dig the Sauce Boss, go to my page and “Like” me. If you really dig the Sauce Boss, Go to my page and “Like ” me, then comment, “Like, Like, Likey, Like”. Or you can just comment using my new acronym. LLLL. If you do this, I will LMAO.


Win a Case of Liquid Summer Hot Sauce!
Enter your favorite way to use my Liquid Summer Hot Sauce on the Contest Event on Sauce Boss Facebook Page, and on March 31, 2013, I will choose the top ten. My favorite entry will get a free case of hot sauce sent anywhere in the continental US. First runner up gets two bottles of sauce and a “Recipes” multimedia CD, second runner up gets a bottle of hot sauce and a “Recipes” CD. Top entries 4-10 will each receive a free download of “Live at the Green Parrot”. Comment there as many times as you like; however, entries must appear on this event to be considered. In case of duplicate entries, first one gets it. The top ten uses will be featured in the “Sauce Boss Blog”.

Jalapeño Sourdough Cornbread
Making sourdough bread is a process that takes time. Some recipes require lots of time. However there are some recipes that depend upon the sourdough more for flavor than leavening. Like the sourdough banana pancakes I like to make. Here’s a recipe that uses a sponge for flavor and a little rise. It’s easy to make. And soo tasty. I got my starter from Linda C. Wilbourne. A very cool, accessible baker, who shares her recipes. She is all things sourdough. She originally got her strain from San Francisco.

1/2 cup sourdough starter
1 cup flour
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup of milk
2 tbs flax meal
1 and 1/4 cup cornmeal
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
5 jalapenos diced
1 small onion diced
½ cup corn
2 tbs honey

Mix the starter, flour, water, milk, and flax, and let it sit for four or five hours in in a warm place (up to 85 degrees). I sometimes leave it overnight. This will be your sponge.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Saute the peppers, onion, and corn, then mix in the honey. For this recipe, I used dark, unfiltered honey. It’s really tastes great, and it gives the bread a beautiful tawny color.
Mix 1 cup of flour with soda, and salt
Combine wet and dry ingredients
Lightly oil a frying pan and add ¼ cup cornmeal
Shake it , coating the bottom with the meal
Add the bread mixture and bake for 30 minutes or till golden brown

Parking lot in front of S & W Automotive Buffalo, NY

Poetry in the Parking Lot
This may seem like a waste of time, a completely dull and dreary hassle to wade through until your life resumes. This may seem like adolescent drivel, an old man’s ramble, an inconvenience, a contrivance of little or no value, but I think not. I call it poetry in the parking lot. Like the twitch of the discount liquor salesman’s moustache, like the journey of a flea, like the boot heel print in the snow, fifty five gallon drums, silent, waiting. Like the silent howl never heard, way down in the counties that don’t count. In the backyards of the harbors, in the empty lots, in the delapidated residence across the street, a for sale sign in the window. Why bother with the winter’s cough, a nose full of snot? Because it’s poetry in the parking lot.

Boot heel print

Apple Gumbo!

February 1, 2013

Little starsMardi Gras! And we’re takin it all the way to New York City. Along with Sarver, PA, DuBois, Ellicottville, Syracuse, Buffalo, and Sharon, PA. Then we high tail it back to Fla. for our annual show at the International Fiddler Crab Festival in Steinhatchee. Tour info here.

Terra Blues
Wed. Feb.6 we are in Greenwich Village at Terra Blues. If you live in the city, or close by, come join us for a night of Blues and Gumbo. If you have friends or relatives in or near the city, please pass the word to them. Send them to my website sauceboss.com. That will let them know what they are in for.

The band is wickedly rockin these days. This is gonna be a good one.
Reservations:   terrablues@aol.com   212-777-7776 (after 5 pm)

glossy_heart_clip_art_13204For your valentine: any CD and two bottles of Liquid Summer Hot Sauce.

Liquid Summer

Liquid Summer

Only $20 at the Sauce Boss Store.


Mardi Gras is the perfect time for gumbo. Over the last twenty two years, I have fed over 185,000 people for free. Never charged a penny for my gumbo.  It’s all part of my message of sharing. We are all a great big gumbo. African slaves brought the okra (gumbo) to the new world. American natives supplied the file’ powder (sassafras). Those crazy french guys brought the roux. Spanish, Italians, and Germans, also had influences on the dish. It’s not just a recipe in a book. It’s many cultures mixing like the ingredients in the pot. Many different ingredients came together to make something nourishing and comforting. If we celebrate our differences, and concentrate on what we have in common, then, we will  make this rainbow of a gumbo JUMP AND SHOUT!

Photo: Joe Sekora

Photo: Joe Sekora

This recipe feeds 8-12 people.

2 cups flour
1 1/2 cups oil
1 chicken, cooked and de-boned
1 gallon of chicken stock
2 large onions
2 large green peppers
1 pound smoked sausage
2 medium zucchini
1 pound okra
1 pound of shrimp
1 pint of oysters
1 pound of crawdads

Make a roux: mix 2 cups of flour into 1 1/2 cups hot oil. Cook on high, stirring constantly until brown. Add the chicken, chicken stock, onions, and green peppers. Bring to a boil, then simmer down. Add salt to taste and 1/2 cup of . . . (drum roll) BILL WHARTON’S LIQUID SUMMER HOT SAUCE. Slice and add: 1 pound of smoked sausage, 2 medium zucchini, and 1 pound of okra. When the okra is done, bring the gumbo to a rolling boil and add shrimp, oysters, and crawdads. Cook for 3 minutes, or until shrimp are just barely cooked. Serve over rice and splash with more Liquid Summer Hot Sauce.

Fla./Midwest Tour, Sauce Swag, Laughing Seed, Veggies For Dinner, Radio Airplay

June 13, 2012

Summertime is here. Let’s BBQ!

June’s a trip–New Smyrna Beach & Destin in Florida, then headed to the Midwest: Grove OK, St Louis Mo, Cedar Rapids IA, and Lima OH. Come see us!

Sauce Boss Art for Cafe Press Items

New Sauce Boss Swag –Create your one of a kind Sauce Boss shirt with the new Poster Art at Cafe Press.  Tons of styles to choose from in sizes from infants to XXXXL.  Buttons and magnets and mugs and bags too.  And if you want to print a free Sauce Boss poster,  just go to the Sauce Boss Website and print your own.  Thanks so much to Eric Ilasenko for the use of his great photo!

Laughing Seed Café
40 Wall St. Asheville, NC  28801 828-252-3445
Open every day except Tuesday

Organic, Seasonal, Farm to Table Vegetarian Cuisine With an International Flair Locally sourced ingredients from area farms
I’ve eaten at the Laughing Seed twice, and both times I ordered the same thing.  The hemp seed garden burger.  Good, good, good. Nestled downtown in Ashville, NC, with a gaggle of boisterous entrepreneurial foodie types, cookin a wide variety of nouvelleish bill of fair, this one stands out for healthy lunch and dinner choices.

Hearty, healthy, and really tasty!

I’m really getting into the veggies!

Yep, it’s great.! Vegetables make me feel so much better.  I made sourdough banana rasin muffins, sweet potatoes, beans with mushrooms and onions, turnip greens, and a salad made with homegrown organic tomatoes, cukes, corn, olives stuffed with garlic, and capers. I then cut flowers for the table, and proceeded to CHOW DOWN!  It feels so good to create nice stuff.

Local organic produce, and fresh baked bread makes this vegetarian meal delicious.

“Live at the Green Parrot” got up to # 7 on the Florida Roots Music Report charts thanks to great radio promotion by Frank Roszak.  But PLEASE call up your local public radio station’s blues DJ and request “Killer Tone” by the Sauce Boss to help us keep getting more airplay.  Here’s a list of some of the blues shows all over the world that are already playing cuts from “Live “BoomBoom Roadhouse Vinkovci, Croatia; 3Way FM Jusblooz, Warnambool, Australia;  All Blues 558, France; Alternate Root, ASFM, Netherlands; Bendeboue Blues 217, France; Blues Cafe, Stevens Point WI, Blues Deluxe (Syndicated on 107 Stations) US; Blues Doctor, Toronto, Canada; Blues Palace KMHD, Portland OR; Bluezy, Ridderkerk, The Netherlands;  CFRO, Vancouver, Canada; Chico News, Chico, CA; CHMR, St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada; CJRD, Bellerose, Canada; CKIA, Basseville QB Canada; CKUT, Montreal, Canada; Cross’ Blues, Gap, France; Dave’s Blues Mix Star FM, Australia; Emission Pulsions, Herserange, France;  Full Time Blues, Louisville KY;  GTFM Blues Wales, Pontypridd, UK; Hotel Du Blues CKUT, Montreal, Canada; Jazz and Blues Tour, Alphen aan de Rijn, The Netherlands; Jazz Jazz, Germany; KAFM, Grand Junction CO; KAOS, Olympia WA; KBRZ, Houston TX; KCOR, Kansas City MO; KFAI, Minneapolis MN; KFSR, Fresno CA; KINK FM, Portland OR; KIPO, Honolulu HI; KKJZ, Long Beach, CA; KMBH, Harlingen TX; KMCE, Willits CA; KMXT, Kodiak AK; KSPQ, White Plains MO; KTEP,El Paso TX; KTUH, Honolulu HI; KWCW, Walla Walla WA; KXCI, Tucson AZ; Maxwell St (Terremarine FM), Echillais, France; Midnight Flyer, Norman Davis; Mystery Train, Italy; Nashville Blues Society, Nashville TN; Radio Blues Intense, Correze France; Radio Canut, Lyon, France; Radio Carcomo, Madrid, Spain; Radio Coteaux, Saint-Blancard, France; Radio Holstebro, Holstebro, Denmark; Radio Quartz, Mons, Belgium; Rock Times, Germany; CKRL, Quebec, Canada; Smokestack Lightning (Syndicated on 10+ stations), Orlando FL; Sweet Home Chicago Radio 666, France; The World of Blues.com (April 11, 2012), Internet; WBGU, Bowling Green KY; WFPK Louisville KY; WCMC, Raleigh NC; WCNI, New London CT; WCVF, Fredonia, NY; WDPS, Dayton OH; WDST, Woodstock NY; WDVX, Knoxville TN; WFHB, Bloomington IN; WFPK, Fort Mill SC; WGLT, Normal IL; WHUS Storrs CT; Wildman Steve, Auburn AL; WKCC, Kankakee IL; WMEB, Orono, ME; WMRW, Warren VT; WMWV, Conway NH; WQLN Erie PA; WRFG, Atlanta GA; WUMA, Amherst MA; WWCU, Cullowhee, NC; WWNT, Dothan AL; WXCI, Danbury CT, XM Radio on BB’s Bluesville station


Sauce Boss “Live at the Green Parrot” CD, Green Curry, and Robert Is Here

March 27, 2012

ORDER YOURS HERE.  You’re gonna want one cause it’s HOT!  A live show with a gumbo-slinging swagger that only the Sauce Boss can deliver. After a lifetime of music, travel, and food, over a million miles on the road, over 180,000 bowls of gumbo served for free, thousands of gigs, tons of hot sauce, over a hundred original songs on thirteen albums, scores of free concerts at homeless shelters and soup kitchens, after all this   . . . it’s time for a live album. Recorded in November 2011 in Key West, Florida, “Live at the Green Parrot” is definitive Sauce Boss. It’s edgy, slide guitar, rockin blues grooves, with a large side of fun in the Sauce Boss tradition.  These songs come straight out of the life of a true character, adventurer, raconteur, and poet.  Come and get it.

Sauce Boss- Guitar & Vocals
John Hart – Guitar
Jassen Wilber – Bass
Justin Headley – Drums

UPCOMING SHOWS  Tallahassee, Pensacola Beach, Tampa (CD Release Party at Skippers), Sanford, Leesburg, Orange Beach, Mobile, Ashland, VA, and D.C.

Green Curry With Vegetables
Here’s a really healthy and hearty meal that’s also really easy to make.
Coconut water
Bok choy
Green beans
Grilled Tofu
1 heaping tbls green curry paste
1/4 cup of Peanut butter
2 tbs Liquid Summer Hot Sauce
1 tbs honey
Brown rice

Cut up all the veggies and saute in 1/2 cup of coconut water in a wok. Add tofu.
Sauce: Mix peanut butter with a little coconut water, honey,  Liquid Summer, and curry paste
Add the sauce to the veggie mixture and simmer for a minute or so. Serve over brown rice.

Robert Is Here

19200 SW 34th St. Homestead, FL 33034
8 AM to 7 PM
Closed Sept. and Oct.

When Robert was six years old, his father set him down with some cucumbers to sell by the side of the road. Nobody bought.  So the next day he put a sign on the table that said, “Robert Is Here”.  Within a few hours, the cukes were gone.  Fast forward to 2012 and Robert is still selling cucumbers at the road side stand in Homestead, Florida.  However since that time way back when, Robert Is Here has blossomed into an incredible cornucopia of a fruit  market. On yer way to key west you’d do yerself a favor by stopping and loading up on papayas, passion fruit, mangos, jack fruit, sopodilla, bananas, oranges, guavas, sapote, a plethora of tropical fruit not found in key west. They have cold coconuts that they drill a hole and stick a straw in for a refreshing healthful beverage. These guys just love sharing good food with folks. So on the way to the keys, I stop to see what’s up at Robert Is Here.

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