July 28, 2009

Little jaunt to Athens, Georgia, on Thursday, and Knoxville, TN on Friday.  Then back to Florida for our Monday Nights at Harry A’s on Beautiful St George Island, Gainesville Parrotheads, and Paradise in Pepsicola Beach.

Windsor, Onrario

Bluesfest International, Windsor, Ontario, July 18, 2009

Man, what a time we had up North. The weather was nice and cool, the gigs were happening, the crowds came out,  and we cooked a lot of gumbo.  In Windsor, Ontario, We were playing to  a crowd of 9,000, and we had em going from the git go.  We were smokin!  I had just put about 10 gallons of ingredients in this HUGE BIG OL pot, and the crowd was eating out of my hand.  At that moment I did the unspeakable.  I was stirring the pot a little too enthusiastically, and the whole thing went over on the stage spilling the contents of the pot in a huge gumbo tsunami.  I looked over at Ted Boomer. the promoter, and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat.  So what did we do?   We did what every Canadian does when trouble rears its head.  We got out the SNOW SHOVELS!  We sloshed it into the garbage, and we threw a bunch of fresh stuff in the pot , and kept on playing the gumbo.  Luckily, the chicken, shrimp and lobsters, were  not in the pot when it went over.  We still managed to feed 300 people.  Here’s the gig in London, Ontario.  What a shew!  Many thanks to Robert “Freightrain” Parker for helping us out on bass on our last tour.

Druming up Planet Gumbo in London

Feta Figs with Walnuts

I planted this weird fig tree and it got HUGE.  However, it never produced many figs.  And the figs were pithy and had no flavor.  So last year I was about to chop it way back to nothing to contain it, because the tree was so HUGE.  I got busy on the road and forgot about it.   Then one day I came home and this fig tree was covered with juicy, succulent, figs.  The tree had come into its own, producing 2-to-3 inch diameter figs that were delicious!  So I cut em in half and stuffed a little feta cheese and  a walnut into each half.  Man, they’re good. I can’t wait for em to ripen up this year.  Try it Sam I Am.

Lil' Rays Fresh Shrimp

GULFPORT, MS 228-896-9601
Their positioning statement: “Poboys, Boiled Seafood”, says it all.  Coastal Mississippi is almost Louisiana.   Lil’ Ray can MAKE a poboy.  In addition to the typical fried stuff, there’s all kinds of grilled items on the menu.  Grilled fish tacos, ahi, shrimp, mahi, catfish.  Or how bout a smoked yellow fin tuna sandwich?  Their seafood gumbo is good also.  (I know gumbo)  And of course, boiled shrimp or crawfish, oysters on the half shell, and steamed royal reds.  All affordable, all cooked right. Lil’ Rays

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