August 30, 2017

Upcoming shows in Destin, Warren OH, Buffalo NY, and Niagara Falls.

Saturday September 2 @ 7 pm

September 13 @ 7 pm

September 15 @ 7pm

September 16 @ 1:30 pm

Sauce Boss Summer Tour took us from Tallahassee to San Diego and back, then up to Maine and back. 11,500 miles on those two runs. And that does not count the flight to Montana and back.

Here are some shots from a few of the the gigs, sightseeing, and some food along the way.


The Alamo

Pecos River

Judge Roy Bean’s

City of Rocks. New Mexico


City of Rocks

Sunset New Mexico

Sabino Canyon. 111 degrees

San Diego Parrothead Club with Washboard Willie.

Los Angeles Farmers Market with babes!

Zion in Utah

It gets HOT in Zion

The Utah Arts Festival

Jammin with one of the guests at the Volunteers of America Youth Resource Center in Salt Lake City. A homeless shelter for teens. These kids are as cool as it gets.

Wilsons Arch Utah

Piedra Canyon near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We spent a couple of days at the hot springs, hiking, soaking and expanding our minds.

Santa Fe Holiday. The food, the art, the music, the culture. Beautiful!

Amarillo, Texas.

The Central Oklahoma Parrothead Club in Oklahoma City really threw down on this one.

The lovely and Super talented Vanessa Collier joins me at the Greenwood Blues Cruise, bringin down the house. What a spirit this young woman has!

Caught red handed!  That’s not on my diet!!!! Sittin on the curb, eatin South Carolina BBQ Hash after my set.  I just could not resist. When I was a kid, my grandaddy made this stuff.  Life is good!

A Taste of Summer.
Billings Montana

Pictograph Caves. Billings, Montana. 2000 year old paintings.

Earth Wind and Fire in D.C.

Baby Jake and Walter Tates joining me at Big Owl Tiki Bar. Always epic at Big Al’s place.

Gorgeous day off in D.C. While trecking for museum to museum, we chanced upon this little tiny park with tis statue of Mahatma Ghandi. The man who broke the yoke of the British Empire. This man changed the world by making it clear that we can do the same. In this time of crazy world events, doing the right thing is imperative. His words: “My life is my message”

The Community for Creative Non-Violence. The largest homeless facility in the Country with 1300 clients.

For any railroad enthusiast, this is a must see, (hear, feel, experience). The screech of the brakes, the incredible mass of iron surrounding you, the power of half a dozen engines surging round the curve, kinetic, otherworldly. Unlike anything I have ever experienced.

The band apartment at Balloons in Ellicottville, New York. Talk about band friendly!

Erie, Pennsylvania.

Wild Alaskan Nova on pumpernickel. Russ & Daughters, New York City

Nawlins. Long Island, New York.

Black Eyed Salley’s. Hartford, Connecticut.

The crowd at the Jimmy Buffett Concert in Mansfield, Mass. Sold out in six minutes!

While in Maine…

Neddick, Maine

Turner’s Fettuccine with clams and lobster. Salem, Mass.

Memorial to those executed for witchcraft.

Gettysburg Battlefield. Very dark mojo in this place. There’s still something goin on here.

Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia with one of the greats, Walter Tates.

A VERY LARGE THANK YOU goes out to all the Gumbo Heads out there who came to the shows this Summer! Without your ears, I would be nothing. Together, we have broken down the barriers between audience and performers, transforming the nights into celebrations of community and love. Keep Cookin!




2017 Summer Tour: The Northern Leg

July 24, 2017

Billings, Montana! Then Pittsburgh, Kent Narrows, Ellicottville, Hartford, Arundel, ME, Mount Airy, Washington D.C. Here’s the info on all these dates.


Liquid Summer Hot Sauce Will Change Your Life! Order yours HERE!


 The Westward Leg

In June, we stopped for a few days at Faywood Hot Springs to re-up our minerals. The springs are close to the City of Rocks, a formation that resembles petro behemoths engaged in their daily business. They actually look as though they are conversing.

Sunset in New Mexico

Sabino Canyon

The Desert Sharks in Tucson threw a great party. While I was there, I had to revisit Sabino Canyon. I have some great memories of the sound of my old 1933 National Steel Guitar bouncing off those rocks forty years ago. It was a magical, spiritual experience that I still carry with me today.

San Diego was a blast. Those folks know how to live it up!  We then headed to Los Angeles to visit Annie Wharton. Granddaughter Emma Wharton joined us for the L A hang.

On the way to Salt Lake City, we went through Zion National Park. 

Zion National Park gets pretty hot in the Summertime.


“The geology of the Zion and Kolob canyons area includes nine formations that together represent 150 million years of mostly Mesozoic-aged sedimentation. At various periods in that time warm, shallow seas, streams, ponds and lakes, vast deserts, and dry near-shore environments covered the area. Uplift associated with the creation of the Colorado Plateaus lifted the region 10,000 feet (3,000 m) starting 13 million years ago.” (Wikipedia).

Zion Canyon near the park entrance. Vistas abound.


The Utah Arts Festival was spectacular! With 20,000 people crowded together, their top notch organization and production made this the best load in ever. They were hungry for the music as well as the gumbo. One of those perfect evenings.

The ride…
from Salt Lake City to Pagosa Springs, Colorado has the most varied ecosystems I’ve ever seen. At every turn. a different crop of flora greets you, and the geology is awesome.

Wilson Arch

El Charro Loco 812 S Main St Moab, UT 84532  (435) 355-0854

This modest little Mexican cantina is eat up with charm. But don’t let the modesty fool ya, because the attention to detail from the kitchen is akin to the upscale restaurants you find in big cities. This is not fast food, and sometimes, like all small operations, they get backed up in the kitchen, however the wait is well worth it. Some of the best enchiladas I ever had, with a red sauce almost reminiscent of an Italian gravy melting in your mouth. Ever had a mashed potato enchilada? Delish!!  This is real deal artistry which is so hard to find these days.

Pagosa Springs  is the source of some mighty hot mineral water. Really hot, and really minerally.  So between Salt Lake City and Amarillo, we spent a few days at the Healing Waters Resort and Spa. 105, 108, and 112 degrees are the temps of the three pools. (I believe they get a tad hotter on occasion) Between soaks, I would recommend an easy walk through the Piedra River Canyon.


Amarillo, Texas! 


Oklahoma city! We Drank For Gumbo!

The Northwest Arkansas Parrothead Club’s “Guitars and Gumbo”

Greenwood, South Carolina

So I ended up in the beautiful community of Greenwood, South Carolina for the 17th Annual Blues Cruise. Just a few miles from my Paternal Grandparents home in Cross Hill. They moved to Orlando in the teens of the twentieth century, making me a second generation Floridian. Vanessa Collier made my day when she joined me for an amazing rendition of my tune, “Lonely Girl”. What a spirit this girl has! If you have a chance, go…just GO!

And NOW!
Flying out to Billings. When I return, I will hit the ground running. See y’all up north, and…KEEP COOKIN!



Summer Tour Begins!

June 7, 2017

Tucson, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Greenwood, SC.  

I’ve been gearin up for a little run out west. New tunes, mods on the van and on my rig. Gonna sound sweeet! Please tell yer friends in these locales that the Sauce Boss is bringin it to em. Schedule.

Dye’s Gullah Fixins
7605 W. Main Street, Ridgeland, SC 29936

Right off I-95, this comforting soulful, made from scratch the way ya mama made it, Gullah restaurant is the real deal. I believe LOVE is the first ingredient on each recipe. Dye makes a very tasty garlic hot sauce. Dye’s Gullah Fixins was featured in National Geographic. Makes ya feel good just sittin in the place.  And when you taste it…Woah, LOOK OUT!!!!
Call ahead for reservations if you want guaranteed seating – 843-645-0806
Or Email:


My granddaddy’s BBQ Hash.
Many stories in our family were told, sitting around, eating this old South Carolina recipe. This time I put a little goat meat on the grill to honor my name sake, William Watts Wharton Sr. A few departures from his recipe: I smoke the meat first, and also I use Liquid Summer Hot Sauce.

First, Smoke the Meat

1 Lb. beef chuck roast
2 Lb. goat shoulder steak
3 Lb. pork boneless Boston butt

1 bottle of Heinz Chili Sauce
¼ cup vinegar
3 Tbs. honey
Liquid Summer Hot Sauce to taste

Trim excess fat from meat and smoke it in a charcoal smoker for 3 hours. Cut it up in one inch cubes, and cover with water in a large cast iron pot. Boil the meat until tender. Take the meat out and shred it discarding any bones or fat.

Make more than you need, cauce you will always want more than you have.

Put the meat back into the water. Add vinegar, chili sauce, and honey. Cook it down till the juice is almost all gone. Add the Liquid Summer Hot Sauce. Serve on a bun with a big slice of onion and a splash of Liquid Summer.


My condolences to the whole world for the loss we have suffered in the music community. This is as close as you’re gonna get to immortality. What a run. Sail on Brothers. A free download of my homage to the Allman Brothers, Keep It In Your Song.






Haul of Fame

February 13, 2017

sbcitrusSt. Pete, Delaware, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, New Smyrna, Palm Coast, Chester SC, Bluffton SC, Tallahassee

Sauce Boss to be honored.
On March 5th, I’m gonna party down with my good friends Albert Castiglia, and Selwyn Birchwood, along with Les Dudek, Rick Derringer, and Mike Pinera, at the Florida Musicians Awards Hall of Fame. Burt Reynolds  will receive the Humanitarian Award. and Jerry Mathers will be stirrin the gumbo. Yep, that’s the Beaver y’all. The Beave is hosting the event, and it’s gonna be one hell of a jam. Seating is ticketed, so now’s the time to reserve a good seat. Check out the video here. And more info here

                                          This weekend!jazz-flyer

Liquid Summer Thai Salad

lsthaisaladOnions,tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, Liquid Summer Hot Sauce, honey

Cabin Fever Info

One of my favorite dishes using Liquid Summer Hot Sauce is spaghetti sauce over angel hair pasta. I will use just a little bit, where it’s almost imperceptible. But it marries all the other ingredients together, giving the sauce a character, like almost an identity, a presence that says, “Hello!” without the burn.

                                          Music on the Bay March 4thp6wuhko

The Awe Shack  
2510 Conway Rd. Suite 101 Gambrills, Maryland    21054 410-721-5022
When I saw the name, I was skeptical. However when I tasted the food, I was a believer in the awesomeness of this little kabob place between Baltimore and DC. (Right near the intersection of I-97 and Hwy 3.  It’s a nice ride if you want to avoid the DC traffic) And when you get there, you will be rewarded. …I promise. Once in a great while, a truly great meal comes out of nowhere. A surprise, a sleeper, a complete flabbergast, that hits you up side the head like a brick… of pure flavor. I had a meal like that at this little kabob house between B’more and DC. The name is a play on “Aushak”- an Afghani handmade ravioli stuffed with scallions and leeks, topped with a traditional mint-garlic yogurt dressing, ground sirloin, and cilantro. All meats and vegetables used at the Awe Shack are organic, and the veggies are locally grown.  The “Right-out-of-the-tandoor bread” is crazy good. . The quality of ingredients, the attention to detail, and obvious love of cooking makes The Awe Shack truly awesome.


Thanks for the award, But…
Gotta say thanks to all who have congratulated me with the “Bout Time” comments on the social media. When I got the call about the Hall of Fame gig, I was blindsided. I must admit, it was kinda fun to puff up for a couple of days. Feel important, give the big bad world a little “I told ya so”.  Then I came back to planet Earth, and the humbling  began. I couldn’t have done it without folks who have supported me for all these years. Back when I began my quixotic gumbo crusade, I had no idea that traveling from A to B would involve such an effort. All along the way, some people would tell me, “I would never go up north in the blizzards of winter”. Or, “Don’t you get tired of riding in the van and waiting around in airports”? But for those smiling faces at the gigs, it’s all right here. It’s all right now. Not a rehearsal. This is it, for whatever it  will be. I guess I’ve been traveling from A to BE! Yeah, the “Be” is where I ended up. Everything between the A and the B is the “Be”. All for the better. And there’s one person who I must congratulate, and thank more than any other. My friend and companion for my lifetime, Ruth Wharton. On February 25th, we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.  I am giggin in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and  she will be at my side. Yup, braving the blizzard or the sunshine, we are in it for the long haul. And THAT’S… why I call it the “Haul of Fame”.



Soup Kitchens, Festivals, Meeting of the Minds, And Some Cold Fish

October 4, 2016

sbcoveroct2016Here It Is. Georgia War Veterans Home, Food for the Soul soup kitchen, The South Carolina Down Home Blues Festival, The Suwannee Roots Revival Festival, Doc’s Bacon, Brews, and Blues Festival, The meeting of the minds!, Boondocks on Summerland Key, The Highlands Fine Art Festival in Sebring. Come and get some!!!!


The Meeting of the Minds 2016 will be a blast. Stoked to be jammin at the Casa Marina for the fourth time. The red headed step child of Trop Rock is fixin to stir up some Trouble. Don’t miss my late nite set on Thursday November 3rd.


Liquid Summer BBQ Mullet

Spray the pan with oil, broil the mullet, finish it off under the broiler with your favorite BBQ sauce, and Liquid Summer Hot Sauce. Best served cold, but who’s gonna wait for that? Make a bunch. Don’t get no better than a late night cold mullet snack.
Get your Liquid Summer RIGHT HERE.  Just got a fresh batch of datil and habanero hot sauce.  Time to order a case!


Ceviche Mexican Style

The Farm Market
1079 E New Circle Rd. Lexington, KY 40505   859-317-9125
Really sweet people have a labor of love in the Farm Market. They are reputedly the best tamales in Lexington, and I can testify that the ceviche is outstanding. This funky down home  Mexican market/cafe is a treat of off the beaten path choices for lunch. If you’re out on the New Circle, stop in for a quick and easy snack. Relax. Chill out. The vibes are right.


Chillin Down in Florida. Y’all Come On Down

January 12, 2016









Free Shows in the ORL Area
House of Blues on Friday Jan. 15 10:30 pm,
and on Tuesday Jan. 19  at 7 pm I will be the guest of Selwyn Birchwood for his Alley Unplugged series. Acoustic blues coming from Downtown Sanford, and High energy Sauce Boss gettin it, throw down, shakin and  bakin gumbo blues from Downtown Disney. Both shows are free of charge.

Come and get it!  Melbourne, Lake Worth, Key Largo, Bartow, Tampa, & 18th Annual Coral Gables Bluesfest 

DatilBottlesLittleNew at the Sauce Boss Store!  By popular demand…now you can buy just two bottles of Liquid Summer Datil Pepper Hot Sauce. (AND you can still buy a whole case)  Click here to get yer fix.


Also you can get a heavy duty bronze slide right here. 2 inches long, one inch in diameter, with an inside diameter of 3/4 of an inch. Weighing 3.6 ounces, it has some heft to it.  It’a what I use.



Oats to the Nth
(Oat Groats and Wheat Groats With Mangos and Walnuts)

This is the mother of oat breakfasts. Y’all know oatmeal. That pan of glop that they say is good for ya? Well, steel cut oats are so much heartier and tastier than oatmeal. Once you had steel cut, it’s hard to go back to just regular ol oatmeal. There’s a BIG difference. When I’m talkin breakfast, I want somethin that will stick for a while. Somethin that will get cha through to lunchtime. Steel cut oats are so much better for the the long haul. They do pretty good. That bein said, this recipe is to steel cut, as steel cut is to that oatmeal mush that some call breakfast. Hearty, har, har, har! I’m talkin to ya bout whole grain groats. That’s uncut oats. Yeah, kinda like horse feed. Ask yer horse if they’re any good. You put some uncut wheat groats in there too and it ups the ante again. Check it out.

2 cups whole oat groats
1 cup whole wheat groats (that’s NOT whole wheat flour. It’s uncut wheat)
6 cups water
1/2 cup dried mango chopped
1/2 cup walnuts
Put the oats and wheat in water and bring to a boil. Reduce to a slow boil for about 45 minutes (if you want to save time in the morning, you can start them the night before, boil for a few minutes and then turn off the burner and let them soak until morning, and cook for about 10-15 minutes).  Five minutes before the groats are done add the mango. When it’s done, mix a handful of walnuts into your steaming bowl of groats.  Above recipe is for two large bowls of oatmeal.  You might have some extra to put in your pancakes the next day which is great too.

Love Me Some Summer

September 3, 2015

Biker Block Party Daytona

What a way to end the Summer! After a spectacular view of the Rockies, I’ll be playin for the gumbo in Daytona this Saturday. Sept 5, we will partay down biker style with cool blues, warm weather, hot sauce, hotter gumbo,  scorchin slide guitar, and the hottest one man show around.

MOTM2013LittleTwo Weeks Left.
Two weeks to left register for the 2015 Meeting of the Minds in key west, Florida. November 6th, I will pheed the phlocking masses at the Casa Marina. I’m bringing my band and gumbo to key west one more time. We are headlining Friday night’s adventure. It will be my only appearance in key west that week, so if you wanna get yer Sauce Boss fix at MOTM, it’s time to get yer tix.

Don’t you want to join me on a…week long cruise to the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands? Here’s the rest of the lineup: Master of Ceremonies – Honorary Mayor Gonzo Mays, Key West, FL U.S.A. and Author of Damn the Carnations, Trop Rock Junkies, Tim Charron, Barefoot’ Reggie Starrett, AJ & Carmen Angelo, Jimmy Stowe and The Stowaways, Doug Walker – Steele Drums, Pup Morse the Scuba Cowboy, North n South Band – Deanna Brown and Matt Vrba, The Shanty Hounds – Dani Hoy and Chris Rehm, Hannah Bethal. For cruise info:


 So…All I can say is WOW! I had a blast!

SBNemethLittleI’d like to thank John Nemeth for joining me at the Union Mission in Memphis. It was a dream come true to jam with this guy.ChiTrain
A gig at a Chicago  homeless shelter reminded me of why I am a musician. It also reminded me about why I play the blues, and it enabled me to kick some at Fitzgerald’s the next night. Here we are stirrin it up. It’s been a labor of love over the years for the Fitzgerald family. A great room with a whole lot of musical history.


Cho Sun OK Restaurant
4200 North Lincoln Avenue Chicago, IL 60618   773 – 549 – 5555
You know those favorite places you go to eat when you get to town? The best steak, burrito, seafood, pad thai, bbq, spaghetti, sushi, catfish or mullet. What ever floats yer  dietary boat, the place you think of, as you ease into town?  The PLACE?!?  Know what I mean? Well, the PLACE for me in Chicago is the Cho Sun OK Restaurant. I know what yer gonna say “WHA? Chicago has the best steak houses, spaghetti and pizza in the USA!” True. But in Lincoln Park, these guys have been dishin out the most authentic Korean food for 30 years. And judging by the line out the door, they have got it goin on. I like the raw skate,  swimming in a super heavy asian bbq sauce that would make Mr. Stubbs jealous. This is a journey into a culture that glorifies rotten cabbage. It don’t get no better than that.


Next time I will continue my research for the definitive pizza. Who knows?


BB’s Soups and Blues sounds about right to the Sauce Boss. Thanks to John May and the St Louis area Parrotheads for making this a riot.

Protzel’s Delicatessen
7608 Clayton, St Louis, MO 314-72104445
“Serving The Finest Corned Beef Since 1954”
Nuff said.
Sixty years of schlepping briskets, and smoked fish, and bagels, and chopped liver, and all things kosher, into this delicatessen and onto the pallets of midwesterners, has  made Protzel’s  an oasis. Their story reads like a hard working fairytale. This place is downright lovable.  Got us on the road to Colorado!

ChatauquaParkLittleBoulder, Colorado.

So St Louis is a dozen hours from Denver. We did the math and we were seized by the ubiquitous wild hair.  A last minute gig  near Boulder was a good enough excuse spend a week long adventure in the Rockies. How bout some Rocky Mountain craft beer to get things rollin?

High Octane!

High Octane

Caught the wild raspberries at just the right time


Healing Waters of the Great Spirit

Idaho SpringsLittleColorado?
With palms, bananas, and a huge rubber tree? In Colorado? Yup. Under a big ol greenhouse in Idaho Springs, Colorado is the so called Indian Hot Springs.  The main pool is sourced by 105 degree mineral water coming out of the pipe in the corner. There’s also caves with small pools with water temperature of 114 degrees. This was sacred ground to the natives who called it Healing Waters of the Great Spirit.


Cannabis  Tourism

I have been curious as to the cannabis shops in Colorado and how it all works. Pretty straightforward and simple. Flashing your ID gains entry to the “commissary”.
Pot1LittleOf all the stores we went to, each had about a dozen strains  ($80-$120 for a quarter oz.) and a smaller selection of concentrates. (Shatter or oil $40-$50 a gram). They also have lotions, creams, and a bunch of marijuana munchies.
Pot2LittleIn the first five months of 2015, the state’s pot-funded excise tax that collects money earmarked for school construction projects brought in $13.6 million.


EldoradoCanyonLittleColorado begs to be walked upon and swam in.
Eldorado Canyon and  Springs.
Eldoado SpringsThe water at Eldorado Springs is 82 degrees when it enters the pool. It takes 10,000 years for it to travel from where it falls to where it comes out of the mountain.

Rocky Mountain National Park




And that ain’t the half of it…

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