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March 25, 2020

Sauce Boss LIVE Stream!  Sunday service airing on Facebook LIVE on March 29 at 7:30 pm.  I will be preachin the blues, singin my songs, tellin the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I may even do a little cookin for y’all. The saga of the Sauce Boss will be laid bare for all to see. The backstory of the tunes is a bit of a roller coaster. Some might say I have a checkered past. I prefer to think of it as an adventure. Gonna be some fun and I’m looking forward to sharing a little bit of my world with all y’all. 

I’ve really enjoyed hangin at the house with absolutely no schedule to get in the way of living life. I’ve been busy doing… stuff, and writing, and workin in my garden. We had three of these beds and we just added three more, and now I actually have a few months to really make it happen. It’s been forty years since I was around enough to have a serious garden.

My first selfie…forty years ago. The good ol days.

Yes, we had a beautiful garden. Being connected to cannabis was a spiritual journey, which I’m happy to say just gets better. Read the story in my Book,

“The Life and Times of Blind Boy Billy: (Y’all Don’t Know the Half of It)”.

I will spill some of the beans on my live video on Sunday March 29. Stories, tunes, and talkin with the Sauce Boss.

Moonpie, one badass chick

My daughter, Mary Wharton has been working on a movie project which I am extremely proud to be part of. I have contributed seventeen pieces of my music for the Original Score, recording new music as well as remixing some Sauce Boss favorites. The name of the movie…”Jimmy Carter  Rock and Roll President.” Mary is the Producer and Director. The movie has stellar performances from The Allman Brothers, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett, Muddy Waters, Garth Brooks, Dizzy Gillespie, Marshall Tucker, and Charlie Daniels, to name a few. The interviews include Bob Dylan fawning over President Carter. (When’s the last time you saw Dylan fawning over anything?!) It includes John Wayne wishing the President well. (huh?) Times have changed. After hanging in the thick of the New York rock video scene for the last few decades, Grammy winning Mary (we call her Moonpie) has honed her chops enough to make this flick JUMP! The movie is a rockumentary about how the above mentioned musicians rallied behind the South Georgia peanut farmer, lighting his path to the White House. The attention these musicians gave to Jimmy Carter as being “one of us”, gave the whole country another choice after the corruption of the Nixon years. The movie follows Jimmy through his presidency, and all the way to today as he builds houses for the poor and promotes peace and equality all over the world. His unshakeable faith shines through the whole story.

The movie was scheduled to premiere April 15 in New York City at the Beacon Theatre, kicking off the Tribeca Film Festival, but due to the Corona Virus, the festival has been postponed.

Here’s a link to the Tribeca Film Festival’s press release:

I’ll let y’all know when it is rescheduled.

Check this out:

Independent musicians have taken big hits in the last few  years. First Spotify and other streaming services have taken a significant bite out of our income. Here’s the proof:

There was a time when CD sales were a significant part of my income. That income is mostly gone. Now without live performances we are further impacted. I know that everyone is having to deal with financial uncertainty, but if you have a few bucks, please take a few that you would spend on going out, and think about buying artists’ works. For me it’s CDs, my book and my hot sauce. If you are set for sauce, but you’d like to help out, you can buy a gift certificate and use it later. Thank you for your support all these years.

Liquid Summer Ginger Tea
Here’s a recipe to make you feel better.
1 inch of fresh ginger peeled and  grated
Liquid Summer Hot Sauce
I teabag of Chamomile
Grated Turmeric (optional)
Whiskey (optional)

Datil Peppers

Like mellower habaneros with a creeper burn coming up slow from the bottom, giving you a few seconds to taste everything in the dish before the warmth swells like a symphony in your mouth.

February 29. 2020 (Before it hit)


I was staring down into this dark and very strong cup of Turkish tea, and musing upon the events leading up to this moment. The million miles I rode to the gigs, and the countless flights, the generosity of the folks that helped out along the way, the musicians that accompanied me, the good times, the bad times, and the love we all shared through this quixotic gumbo crusade. I have been so lucky to play my music and make my way to this place. Today was a special day for me. Not because I had a killer gig. Not because I’m still able to kick some musical butt. Not because I was able to send my message of sharing to a huge audience. Not because the response of the beautiful public was humbling and overwhelming, Not because of the respect I received for my songs, my performance, and for being who I am. All these things are so gratifying and important to me, and today was one of those charmed events where everything fell right into place without pushing anything. After a picture perfect day with a serious lick hit, and a spectacular Turkish dinner and dessert from heaven, after all this I realize what was truly special about today was the hugs. Hundreds of hugs. I realized that from the first hug that this might be the last time I hug this person. All the hugs were full, and I was too as I stared down into this dark and very strong cup of Turkish tea.

Meanwhile, spring is here.




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