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January 6, 2014

2014, I Love You!
A very wise man once said,”Got to admit, it’s getting better”. Or was he a fool?  Well..it gets better when I start cookin. I’m a fool for music and I love to cook.  Join me for some good times.  Friday, Jan. 10, I am playin Lake Worth, where there’s a low of 74. Of course it will be much hotter inside the Bamboo Room. Playin and swayin, and kickin butt with the gumbo. Saturday you can find me at Sundowners for the Key Largo Wine and Food Fest. Crystal clear day, high of 79, low of 76. Y’all come on down.
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 Midwinter Meltdown near D.C., Lancaster PA Roots and Blues Fest, Iron Horse (Ashland), Panama City Beach Mardi Gras, Music on the Bay in Tampa,  Earl’s (Sebastian) & Docksider (Marathon)

Salmon Haystacks With Artichoke, and Collards

Salmon Haystacks with Artichoke, and Collards

Salmon Haystacks
You cain’t get more down home than when your Mama fires up that ol cook stove. My Mama, I say MY MAMA, MY MAMA could COOK, y’all! She knew all the different prices of all the different foods in all the different stores. Where to get the best deals, and how to streeetch that hard earned dollar. She fed a family of seven on a teacher’s pay. But she could make some biscuits and gravy. Mama once entered a recipe contest and she won it. She was my inspiration.

Here’s the prize winning recipe for her Salmon Haystacks:
Bone one can of salmon, 15 ounces approximately (It’s pretty good with smoked wild caught)
3 or 4 slices of bread
1 small onion minced
3 tbs mayonnaise
Mix salmon, onion, and mayo
Form into little haystacks
Roll in toasted bread crumbs
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes


Mama and me circa 1951

Angkor Cambodian & Thai Cuisine
2350 Noblestown Rd. Greentree-Crafton (Pittsburgh) 412 928-8424
If you are flying in or out of Pittsburgh, and you’re hungry, there’s a little restaurant not far from the airport that I would recommend. In addition to the Thai menu, they have a number of Cambodian dishes that will  give you a different slant on the Southeast Asian cuisine. The dish I had was the Moarn Chha Ktom (Original Khmer Dish). Typical veggies, with a funkier, earthier pungency in the sauce than the Thai. A unique lemon grass sauce, none the less sublime. I got off on this place. They will cook to order. Good service. Good feeling in yer belly.

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