June 11, 2013

Summer’s about to jump on us, and it’s gonna be a hot


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Sauce Boss BBQ Hash
As I promised all my Facebook friends, here’s my recipe for my Grand Daddy’s South Carolina Low Country BBQ Hash. Of course, I have put my own spin on the recipe with my Liquid Summer Hot Sauce. I have many fond memories of my grandfather, William Watts Wharton Sr., AKA “Pop”, used to take out his false teeth and scare the hell out of us little ones. He told war stories from World War I, hunting tales from the turn of the century Florida, and jokes for all the grand kids. Christmas at Mimi and Pop’s was the most magical of times with all the trimmings on a gorgeous tree, surrounded by presents, and an unforgettable feast . Sometimes he would make BBQ Hash, and we would pig out, till our little bellies were tight as ticks.

First, Smoke the Meat

First, Smoke the Meat

Here’s how I make it:

2 Lb. beef chuck roast (or goat meat. Pop would sometimes use goat)
3 Lb. pork boneless Boston butt
Two 12 oz. bottles of Heinz Chili sauce
1/2 cup vinegar (or more if you like it tangy. Pop used 12 oz.)
3 Tbs honey
1/4 cup of Liquid Summer Hot Sauce

Trim excess fat from meat and smoke it in a charcoal smoker for 3 hours.  Cut it up in one inch cubes, and cover with water in a large cast iron pot. Boil the meat until tender. Take the meat out and shred it discarding any bones or fat.

Put the meat back into the broth. Add vinegar, chile sauce, honey, and Liquid Summer Hot Sauce. Cook it down till the juice is almost all gone. Serve on a bun with a splash of Liquid Summer and a big slice of onion.

Make more than you need, cauce you will always want more than you have.

Make more than you need, ’cause you will always want more than you have.

This is what you need for eternal culinary bliss:  Liquid Summer Hot Sauce. It comes in the original Datil and Habanero (extra hot) flavors
.  Get yours HERE.

The hot  sauce for the new millennium.

The hot sauce for the new millennium.


Luigi’s Italian Restaurant
105 N Main St  Akron, OH 44308  (330) 253-2999
In 1949,  Nick Ciriello, the son of a cheese maker, bought a small steak house on North Main Street in Akron, Ohio.  As it happened, the simple pasta and pizza recipes became more popular, and so the grill was shut down in favor of  the authentic Italian bill of fare. Over 60 years later they are still crankin out the real deal  pizza.  This ain’t no disco, this ain’t no messin around. These guys know what’s up with the pepperoni. Luigi’s hit the big time in 1972 in Tom Batiuk’s  comic strip Funky Winkerbean. Montoni’s Pizza, the local pizza parlor that Funky co-owned with Tony Montoni, is modeled after Luigi’s Restaurant. Luigi’s is the embodiment of everything Italian. Warm and friendly, accommodating, and very tasty.

Luigi's Veggie Pizza

Luigi’s Veggie Pizza

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