A Little Mess of Green Beans

Moon20130416Ohio, Detroit, North Carolina, St. Louis, Fayetteville, Little Rock.
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BeanSalad2Tex Mex bean salad and sashimi avocado with black cherry miso dressing
These two recipes will compliment your bbq picnic just fine. Don’t forget the Liquid Summer Hot Sauce!

For the bean salad, mix all together:
One can of pintos (Drain and Rinse)
One can of chick peas (Drain and Rinse)
1/2 cup minced celery (or more)
A little mess of fresh green beans steamed
One medium onion
One head of minced, then grilled garlic
Two ears of corn (Cut the corn off the cob)
One good dash of cumin
Two chopped jalapeños
½ cup chopped sweet pepper
Juice of two lemons
Three Tbs Liquid Summer Hot Sauce (or more)
Fresh ground black pepper

Then peel and slice an avocado. I use fruit and miso paste to make the dressing. I like to use ripe persimmons. Just mix the miso and fruit together. This time there were no ripe persimmons to be had, so I used St. Dalfour Black Cherry Preserves. ( sweetened with fruit juice rather than sugar. It’s real good.) Schmeer the dressing over the avocado.

Coming Soon.
Detailed instructions of how to make my Grandaddy’s South Carolina BBQ Hash

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