The Winners Are…

We have a winner for the Best Way to Use Liquid Summer Hot Sauce Contest. Actually we have a bunch of winners. Just reading all of the ways that people use Liquid Summer made me HONGRY. I put on five pounds in the last two weeks, thanks to all who sent their ideas and recipes. They were all so good, that I have decided to give everyone who entered a little something for sharing.

Here are the top 10 winning entries.

1. “With collard greens… of course! :)” by Wanda Graham Schlib (Wanda wins a case of Liquid Summer Hot Sauce)

2. “I carry a bottle with me in my purse, no other “hot sauce” will do, I use it on EVERYTHING… I even crave it and slurp spoonfuls if there is no food in sight to slap it on.” by Tracy File (Tracy wins a “Recipes” Multimedia CD and two bottles of hot sauce)

3. There is a tie for Third place: 3A. By Lori Basch Siler”Frozen summer strawberry sizzler.
3 cups of Sweet Ice tea
1 Tbsp. Honey
2 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 bottleLiquid Summer Hot Sauce
2 cup ice cubes
Pour all ingredients in blender. Add ice cubes, one at a time, and process until blended. Serve immediately.”

602664_10200564957473858_1926223468_n3B. By Barbara Sorensen: “I love my Liquid Summer hot sauce in my Sunday Bloody Caesars and in the cocktail sauce for the shrimp  mmmmm mmmmmm goooood” (Both Lori and Barbara win a bottle of hot sauce and a “Recipes” Multimedia CD)

Winners 4-10 will each win a download code for “Live at the Green Parrot” CD.
4. “Quite simply, the Datil Pepper sauce on raw Apalachicola oysters.” by Shaun Kern.

5. “As many of your friends have indicated, there is an unlimited number of uses, but my personal favorite is on my eggs. Over easy eggs on seperate halves of an English muffin or toasted bagel with a topping of hot sauce. This breakfast is not only an eye opener, but a start to your day with a smile on your face.” by George Jakulsky

6. “I LLLL my Liquid Summer Hot Sauce on my Popcorn! Winter or Summer! Popcorn popcorn popcorn!!!! MMMmmmmm the hotter the Mo’ Bet!” by Hollymae Smith

7. “Tonight it’s going in my shrimp and grits. Hurry up dinner time.” by Kelby Marlett


8. “Shish kabob on the grill…” by Dan Hall

9. “Liquid Summer Habanero mixed with a little drawn butter and soy sauce is my universal marinade, baste and seasoning sauce for all my veggies. Gotta have some warm on the table side and dip in it too! MMMMM-Goood!” by Brian Everheart

10. “I do not care what Barry uses it on, as long as he uses it!” by Irene McIntyre
“10 Mix Datil into the Chillie
09 Add to mayonnaise for what ever you use mayonnaise on!
08 Add to the Hot Salsa to correct the flavor
07 Kick up your Ketchup for the burger & fries
06 Hefty dose for the pulled pork
04 Wing Sauce any one!
03 Mix into scrambled eggs serve on pita
02 Seafood Linguine
01 Add to rim of garbage pail, keeps the squirrels out”

All other participants will receive a download code for my album, “Florida Blues”.  (If you want to see all the suggestions for using Liquid Summer Hot Sauce, click here)

Congratulations, and thanks for the great ideas!



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