Back Down in FLA., Chanterelle Stirfry, El Mercadito, Liquid Summer Hot Sauce

Coming Home After a Killer Summer

When I think of all the places we went this summer it gives me a warmth like a swig o that ol Liquid Summer Hot Sauce

Now we are fixin to hit it for the Fall. We will be in:
Tallahassee, Palatka, Lake Worth (Blues, Brews, and BBQs), Sanford, Sebastian, Delray Beach, Key West (Meeting of the Minds), Dunedin, Atlanta. HERE’S tour info

Liquid Summer

It’s getting on toward the holiday season. You need a case of Liquid Summer. Time to stuff your stocking. Thanksgiving with out Liquid Summer Hot Sauce? I can’t imagine how that would be. A dark and dreary stuffing.

Liquid Summer will change your life! It will make all your meals jump up and kiss you.  Don’t be caught without a supply. Lively up yourself. Git down wid da hot stuff. Order yours HERE.

We will return to Darwin’s in Marietta, Georgia on Friday, November 16th, so mark yer calendar. Been too long since I’ve seen all you guys from way up north in HotLanta. Can’t wait!

Very Fresh Mushrooms

So my son, Floyd, gave me some Chanterelle mushrooms that he found, and I made a stir fry.
Half a head of garlic with a small onion, one jalapeño, and six Aji Dulce peppers
One tbs honey, three tbs rice vinegar, a splash of Liquid Summer Hot Sauce, a few broccoli buds, half a cup of zucchini, one small bok choy, pineapple, chanterelle mushrooms, and Thai basil
I served it over a combination of brown rice and whole oats, with sushi on the side.

Enchiladas with beans and rice at a very reasonable price.

El Mercadito
863-533-4600 1455 Hwy 17 South, Bartow, FL

 If you find yourself in South Central Florida around lunchtime, check out El Mercadito. It’s is a huge cavern of a Latin market with a little breakfast/lunch café in one corner. The staff is very hospitable, and ready to deliver a generous count of righteously delectable Mexican cuisine at a super reasonable price. Tacos -$1.25. Tostados – $2. Burritos – $5. Platters – $6.50. Tortas – $4. The antithesis of the Taco Bell gut bomb that has given Mexican food a somewhat sullied reputation. It’s light and flavorful, and not too greasy, not too gloppy. It’s food made by the Mexican Grandmother I never had. This food is GOOD. The Sauce Boss said so.


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