Monster Fig Found In North Florida, North East Tour, & Sketti Sauce

Here”s what I grew in my yard. The biggest fig I ever saw, just hangin on the vine.I always have to put a little cream cheese and a walnut on top of these sweet things. Yummmm.

Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Sharon, Rochester, Syracuse, Hartford, Grasonville, Erie.  Key Largo and Lake Worth FL, and then back to festivals in New Hampshire and New York.  Here’s where we’ll be.  The Sauce Boss Trio is KILLING every where we go!  In this review of our last show at Skippers Smokehouse in Tampa. Florida, the writer says, “. . . I can’t imagine I will ever see another show that matches that of  The Sauce Boss.” Here’s a link to the whole story.

John Hart, Bill “Sauce Boss” Wharton, Justin Headley in Chicago

Fat Free Sketti Sauce

Makes ya feel gooood! Here’s how I do it these days:
Lots of onions, a head and a half of garlic, and some wax peppers, (grown from seeds smuggled out of Sarajevo by a friend of mine). Tomatoes from Italy. Jalapeños, mushrooms, and little rounds of asian eggplant, mucho fresh basil and plenty of oregano (whole leaves from the garden). A bay leaf for flavor, and also to determine who washes the dishes.

Oh, my gosh! I forgot to tell you. I also used my hot sauce. The one and only Liquid Summer Hot Sauce. On Sale HERE!

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