Sauce Boss Live! & Florida Tour

January 4, 2012

Kickstart the Sauce Boss Live Album. Right Here! Right Now!
Now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of a great new project we are working on:  Sauce Boss Live at the Green Parrot.  Check out the video at Kickstarter.  It’s a riot!  It’s the Sauce Boss run amok.  It’s a guitar that had to be bought from money that was supposed to finish the project.  It’s the best of three nights of recording at the Green Parrot in key west.  It’s rewards up the yin yang.  Act now and be among the first to receive a copy of what we have all been waiting for: a live CD that really shows what the Sauce Boss is all about.  Favorite songs, new songs, the gumbo show, and the grand finale soul-shouting picnic of rock and roll brotherhood.  Rewards go from $5 to $500.  Plenty to choose from–but time is of the essence.  Deadline to get in on the fun is February 3.

January and February has us hanging with our homies down in sunny FLA.  Largo, Bradenton, key west, Orlando, Citrus Hills, Delray Beach, Steinhatchee, Bunnell, and Cocoa.  Come on down to the gig and check out the new songs and the new band.

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