East Coast Dates, Figs, Free mp3, Savoie’s Real Cajun Products

August 23, 2011

Justin Headley, Jassen Wilber, Johnny Paradise, Bill Wharton

Reading, PA, Asheland, VA, Washington DC, Charlotte, NC, Fredonia, NY, Reston, VA, Mobile, AL, Pensacola, FL, and Panama City Beach, gets us into fall. We are working on a new album, and the new stuff is kickin. Come and hear the latest incarnation of Ingredients. The gumbo continues to boil.

Love them fresh figs

Last week I was mowing the grass and each time I passed my fig tree, I would reach up and grab a fresh, juicy, succulent fig.  It’s that time of year and it’s great to have fruit trees in your yard.  It’s like free food.

Slice the figs in half
Fill with feta cheese
place a walnut on top
Slice the dates enough to remove the seed
Fill the date with feta or cream cheese

Savoie’s Real Cajun Products Opelousas, LA 337-942-7241

“Andouille is what you need.”  Or so goes the diddy from my last CD. Here’s an mp3 of “Andouille” from Hot n Heavy.  But there’s truth to the little tune about the Cajun delicacy. Sometimes, nothing else will do. Say you got your red beans cookin, and you need some flavor, just a few slices of that spicy Louisana sausage will make dem beans and rice jump up and sing, “halleluiah!”. Savoie’s has been putting out the andouille since 1949. Along with pork, or beef, or turkey sausage, they have pork and alligator sausage, as well as pork and venison sausage, all smoked to perfection. Then you got yer boudin. And yer tasso, yer sliced pickled pork, yer seafood pies, gumbo, etoufee, and don’t forget about the roux. Made in big cast iron pots, it’s all about the taste.  These guys know how to get the flavor, and they do not cut corners just to make a buck. At Savoie’s they have been doing a family operation for over sixty years.  Here’s what they say about their product. “We use only the finest cuts of meats, poultry, or seafood, and blend in special Cajun seasonings based on garlic, bell pepper, parsley and onion tops, which we Cajuns are noted for. Our cooks develop innovative yet traditional and affordable family foods, using the recipes of our cultural origin.”

I went there. Rode my bike to Opelousas, walked in and said, “I’ve been wanting to meet y’all.” They were as nice as they could be, and  down home.  Just  folks making dinner. And after using their real Cajun products for more than a decade, I can say, “Yes, this is the real deal”.  And the good thing is they ship all over the country.  Call em up, get some andouille,  and tell em that Bill “Sauce Boss” Wharton sent ya.

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