HAPPY 2011, Orlando, key west, Bill Wharton Special, Grilled Eggplant, Pepe’s Cafe


Sauce Boss Returns To Margaritaville (Photo: Rick Zimmer)

Orlando and key west should start the new year out with a bang.
Y’all come on down south for a good time in the sun. Here’s where we’ll be.

Make plans now to attend Planet Gumbo’s Annual Benefit at the American Legion at Lake Ella in Tallahassee FL on Saturday February 5th.  Sauce Boss Gumbo extravanganza with a silent auction of donated treasures.


People ask me all the time about my guitar.  “Who makes that silver guitar?”  Here’s the story.  The guitar is a “Bill Wharton Special”.  It’s made by a friend of mine, an English gentleman,  who lives in Paris.  He hand crafts resophonic instruments.  His name is Mike Lewis, and he is truly gifted. You can see all of his models at his website, http://www.fineresophonic.com.  One of his clients is Eric Clapton.  The “Special” has been an integral part of my sound, standing up to a rocking band, delivering a huge slathering of BBQed slide, night after night. Never complaining,  always there, like a trusty hound dog, only better.  Thanks, Mike. I’m spoiled rotten.

Hot n Heavy Peach Sauce is the perfect marinade/BBQ sauce. If you haven’t tried it, you have led a sheltered and deprived childhood. So… Come on, kids!  Slather up yer eggplant and get cookin! This is unbelievably good.  Just slice the eggplant, dip it in the peach sauce and throw it on the grill.  Whoooooee!  ORDER HERE

OK.  If you have read this far, you obviously are willing to take a little “Sauce Boss Diversion”.  What I want to know is, while reading my last blog, did you  actually try to sing my mullet gizzard rant to the tune of “My Favorite Things”? Please let me know at boss@sauceboss.com.

Pepe’s Cafe 806 Caroline St. Key West, Florida 33040 (305) 294-7192
While you’re in key west, you need to stop by Pepe’s Cafe for a great meal.  These guys have got it goin on. Casual, down home, and classy at the same time is a winning combination, and that’s the modus operandi at this little cafe on Caroline St.  The sign proudly proclaims, “Under Old Management”.  From the bar to the entire menu, only top shelf ingredients are used.  They have great seafood, an awesome veggie plate. and if you are a serious carnivore, you might try the Steak smothered in Pork Chops. Every Thursday is Thanksgiving with turkey and dressing. Every Sunday is BBQ day. Nothing tops the BBQ ribs, slathered with Liquid Summer Hot Sauce, which you can find on every table at Pepe’s.  Here’s Julie Bowland, hangin at Pepe’s, augmenting her breakfast with Liquid Summer Hot Sauce. Incidentally, the breakfast at Pepe’s is da BOMB. By far the best breakfast on the island:>)

Is that coffee in that mug?

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