Northeast Holiday Tour, Spicy Turnip Soup, Asian Cuisine

Ho, Ho, Ho!


JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: YOU CAN NOW BUY AND SHIP SMALL ORDERS OF LIQUID SUMMER HOT SAUCE TO YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES. You can buy a single bottle or two and send it anywhere in the world.  Also you can package bottles with CDs and t-shirts for a complete Sauce Boss experience. Visit the Sauce Boss Store.

Datil Pepper

This is the pepper I have used in my sauce for thirty years.  There is nothing like it in the pepper world.  A mellower habanero, with a funky sweet burn that comes on slow.  The “hot” is concentrated in the low to mid range, unlike it’s high end habanero cousin. If used in moderation, Liquid Summer Datil Pepper Sauce adds a heap of spicy flavor without burning your taste buds out.  If used in abundance, you’re in for a wonderful culinary sleigh ride to hell.  I like it both ways.

As 2010 comes to a close, we want to thank everyone who has been to our shows this past year. We really appreciate your support. And many thanks for your generous support of the non-profit Planet Gumbo foundation by tossing money into the gumbo pot, or by donating through the PLANETGUMBO.ORG website and through causes on Facebook.  We also want to thank the Amish Parrotheads who organized a benefit for Planet Gumbo and the Washington DC Area Parrotheads who organized a silent auction at one of our shows in their area and to all the groups who donate the ingredients for shelter shows.

We are about to embark on our winter fund raising campaign for Planet Gumbo and want to remind you all that Planet Gumbo is a 501c3 non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.  Once a year we ask for your help to continue to cover the costs of bringing the Sauce Boss gumbo shows to homeless shelters throughout the country.  You can donate online or send a check to Planet Gumbo, 678 McDonnell Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32310.  

(Sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things”)
Mullet… the lowly collard green… the totally neglected salmon skin… the under rated kim chee in the back of the fridge, the over looked miso, the corn bread, the black eyed peas, the unrecognized,  the grits, and the forgotten sourdough starter.  These are the things that give our meal variety… if we could only… remember.
Ya ever had mullet gizzards?

(With Liquid Summer Hot Sauce, of course)
And then there’s the unassuming turnip.  I forget just how good a turnip can be.  And then I bump into one at the market, or it hits me in the head when I’m trying to think of something different to cook.  I love me some turnip greens with the root chopped into little cubes.  That’s some good eatin.  Some places in the world revere the  turnip.  It’s featured in Asian cooking, and in France the turnip is considered a delicacy.  (But you know the French consider chiterlins to be pretty good also.  I was shopping at a high end gourmet market in Paris one time and they had a kilo of mullet roe.  They were askin $150 for it.  Had I known, I woulda stopped in Steinhatchee or Panacea on the way to the airport and smuggled a trunk load of roe on the bird, making my fortune as the mullet roe king.  So later, when I get back to the Gulf coast, I’m sittin in Panacea, Florida, munchin on a big yellow egg sack o’ red neck caviar, with a great big, gimongous splooge of Liquid Summer Hot Sauce.  That roe is goood! I like being the Boss of Sauce.  But I diverge… Back to turnips.

1 lb. turnips
3 carrots
1 sweet potato
1 large onion
1cup rice
1 gal water
1cup non fat milk (or if you like the fat, use 2 cups of heavy cream)
3 tbs Liquid Summer Hot Sauce
Salt and pepper to taste

Peel and chop the vegetables
Throw them in the water with the rice
Cook covered for 20 minutes
Take the veggies out of the water and puree them
Throw em back in the broth with the milk, Liquid Summer Hot Sauce, salt and pepper
Bring up the temperature without boiling.

140 North 7th St. Lander, Wyoming 82520    307-335-7171
Someone was “Yelping” about how it’s the best Thai restaurant between San Francisco  and Chicago so I gave it a try.  Well, that’s a tall order  to fill.  But I will say that the Pan Asian place is kick ass. Total attention to detail makes it so happening.  And the selection from Indian, Japanese, Indonesian,  and Thai give you plenty of choices.  Plus… sushi. Oh, one more thing. If you visit the Asian Cuisine Restaurant, bring a friend.  The entrées are way too big to finish by your self.   Yumm.

One Half Of A Papaya Salad

The folks at Living Like a Pirate are holding their own Planet Gumbo fund raising campaign by contributing $3 per shirt sold of for their Treasure the Season Shirt shown below to Planet Gumbo.

Living Like a Pirate T-shirt Art

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