Sauce Boss has had a Second Heart Attack but returns to work soon.


Summer 2010 in the Keys


“I Broke my heart. All by myself.
Came so natural. Didn’t need no help.
I broke my heart. Half in two.
And now there’s nothing left for me to do.”

Yessir, I went and did it again. Another heart attack.  I admit I felt it coming.  We had an incredible summer.  Unfortunately there’s been too much work, and business, and at times, too much play.  So now it’s recovery time.

The upside is that we were able to avoid taking a skill saw to my chest to fix this one.  Knock on wood.  So I just wanted to let all y’all know what’s up for the Sauce Boss.  It looks as if I will be back at work in a week or so. I’m recovering nicely and I am looking forward to getting back to it soon.  I have a great band to help me and my friends from all over are the best.

Please send well wishes to my guest book at, or a post on my Sauce Boss Facebook page.  Thanks to all.

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