NC, FL, SC, PA, and NY, National TV Appearance, Soong Thai


This tour takes us all around the East in a few days.  Sometimes, that’s the way she goes. Here’s where we are going.

I’ve had some inquires about the lyrics of my songs.  Over the years, a lot of singers/bands have covered the Sauce Boss.  I’m always glad to hear a different version of my tunes.  So now you can access the lyrics from four of my albums.
Here’s the link.

The nationally syndicated show, “My Generation” will feature the Sauce Boss.  The program sent a crew to St. Louis to film eight hours of performance and interviews with Bill Wharton and his band.  Stay tuned for air times.

NOW IS THE TIME OF YEAR TO START THINKING ABOUT ORDERING CASES of Liquid Summer Hot Sauce or our new Peach Sauce. It’s a great way to share the love.

THAI SOONG 9448 COLONIAL DRIVE, ORLANDO, FL 34761    407-822-8200

I have eaten a lot of Thai food.  I’m a spicy guy. And there’s none spicier than your Great, Great Grandma from Thailand.  Whooooeee! Deeze guys will light you up!

So when I found Soong Thai, right off the Sunshine State Parkway, right on the way to south Florida, right at supper time, with a frightful hunger for a HOT meal, I was in heaven. Truly a great restaurant.  Not too pricey, but with an attention to detail which guarantees every dish is it’s own dining experience.  Here’s their description of their restaurant: “At Soong Thai, we take great care in preparing cuisine handed down for centuries, adjusted to today’s tastes and served in an authentic manner.”

I believe em. I had to try the frog legs. My friend Jeffrey Clements said, “If I had to choose my last meal, the Soong Thai frog legs would be it”. And, believe me, my friend Jeffrey knows his food. Pad Thai as light and flavorful as I have ever had.  Tom Kai Gai Soup. Yumm. I also tried the “Amazing Eggplant”.  Made me stupid. I kept saying, “Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!”  Hence the name.

Fried eggplant, over a bed of steamed broccoli, in a big puddle of spicy peanut sauce. Garnished with green onions and red peppers. And more glistening peanut sauce dribbled over the top.  “Over the top” is the operative term here.  The dumplings are sublime. I’m looking forward to my next trip south.
Lunch: Monday – Friday – 11:30 AM to 3:00
Dinner: Monday – Saturday – 4 to 10, Sunday – 4 to 9

Kill Me Now

Check out this link.  How bout B.B. King and T Bone Walker together on B.B.s 42nd birthday.  1967 Monterey  Jazz Festival.

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  1. glidingcalm says:

    Just found your blog! super neat!! And fried eggplant sounds deeeeeeeeeelish!

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