Ottawa Blues Fest, Pappy’s German Restaurant, and Summer Squash/Papaya Bisque


Who’s that guy in the Gumbo pot?

St Andrews Marina 1000 Bayview Avenue Panama City, FL 32401

Serving authentic German food since 1982. When’s the last time ya had some real Bratwurst? Or real Wiener Schnitzel? Roladen? How bout Spazel with Gravy? Schweinebraten? Sauerkraut? Once in a while I get a hankering and Pappy’s is the place to fill the need without killing you with grease. Munich born Christine Jamieson opened the restaurant when her husband retired from the military. She loved to entertain at home, and so restaurateuring was a natural step. Twenty-five years later she still holds court at this charming little restaurant/bar right across from the marina in the St. Andrews neighborhood. Take a walk through the park and check out the world’s only cultivar of a four headed Butia Capitata – commonly called the Pindo Palm. Or take the boardwalk through the trees to the shore of St. Andrews Bay. Saunter down to the marina and check out the yachts and fishing vessels. Pick out some fresh shrimp, right off the boat. Work up an appetite.

Pappy's Dinner Plate

Pappy's Dinner Plate

Then it’s time to relax with a chilled German Beer (Pappy’s has a great selection), let the sun go down, and sample the homemade soups, the authentic German dishes, or the traditional Panama City shrimp. (they gotta be fresh). The gumbo gets the Sauce Boss seal of Approval. It’s a Gulf Coast seafood, tomato and okra based gumbo, spiced just right. And… if yer real lucky, you may catch Kieth, the seventy-five year old drummer. Sometimes, on Friday and Saturdays, Keith Unger kicks out the oom-pas with pre-recorded tracks for your dining and dancing pleasure. Just a guy with his drum set jamming with the stereo, doing Frank Sinatra, John Phillip Sousa, and Einzug der Musikanten. A bowl of Bavarian cabbage soup, Polish sausage, a couple o Warsteiner pilsners, some polkas, and some good company makes for a cozy, albeit pungent evening. Don’t get no better. Carry outs available. That’s a good thing

This is sooo yummy and so easy to make
1 Lb. of summer squash steamed
½ Lb. fresh papaya
1 Pint fresh organic almond milk
Dusting of ground nutmeg
Put every thing in a blender and that’s it!

Incidentally, I found the best almond connection. They are organic unpasteurized almonds which are so creamy, the milk is like half and half. Here’s the link.

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