My Top Three Favorites Concerts I’ve Seen

August 28, 2008


We are the Traveling Gumbo Show and we are coming to your town!
This fall we are bookin down the road. Labor Day is a sold out show in Oklahoma, then Pittsburgh, Fredonia, NY, Charlotte, NC, Tampa and Sebring, Fla. And some where in there, we will be doing the coolest of the cool.

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger

On Saturday, September 27, we are playing the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Chile Fest along side of an American treasure. Pete Seeger will headline the date and we will be playing right before him. This is a dream come true for me. A champion for individual rights, Pete Seeger stood up to the McCarthy witch hunt of the 1950s and survived to become a voice for the laborers of America. His songs, “We Shall Overcome”, and “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” were anthems for the civil rights and peace movements of the 60s. He is credited with single handedly starting a movement to clean up the polluted Hudson River. AND…if that ain’t enough, he’s a heck of a banjo picker, and in my book, he was one of the most incredible singers I’ve heard. When I saw him twenty years ago, he blew me away with just his voice. It was one of the best concerts I ever witnessed. Out of all the shows I have seen in the last fifty years, three of them stand out as the absolute best. Jimi Hendrix, Charles Mingus, and Pete Seeger. This will be a show to remember.


I had a few leftover steamed potatoes and about half a winter squash, so I mashed em up for thickening the broth. Here’s how I did it.

Sauté in olive oil in a large pot:
4 oz. chopped shallots
1 stalk of celery minced
1 chopped green pepper
Peel and mince 4 oz. ginger and put it into a tea ball
and throw it in the pot along with:
1 qt. chicken or veggie broth
1 bunch of basil leaves
1 hand full of chopped carrots
2 yellow squash chopped
A few leaves of greens (kale, mustards, or Collards)
2 potatoes and half a winter squash, roasted and mashed
2 tbs. Liquid Summer Hot Sauce
Bring to a boil
A few minutes before serving, add 2 chopped fresh tomatoes

Miko spreads the love

Miko spreads the love

350 State St. Rochester, NY 14608 585-262-2880
Monday – Friday 8am – 6 pm

So it’s the middle of the winter, and Rochester is covered with snow and slush, and it’s cold and wet, and you haven’t gotten enough sunshine, and your endocrine system is wacked out, and your blood sugar is out of control, and you’ve had about enough of this crazyness, and..and…and. Wait a minute. Take a deep breath. Relax, Mon. Get healthy. Get right with a laid back head space. Right across from the Kodak offices is a funky little breakfast/lunch restaurant and health food store with three or four tables an a very large smile. Take a load off and chill out with a Caribbean attitude at the Health Garden where vegan and Ital meet oxtails, jerk chicken, and beef patties. Vegan curries and BBQ share the menu with real chicken, fish and beef entrees. When you walk in the door, it’s obvious that the owner, Miko, cooks with love of food and people. When I arrived at four pm after a slammed lunch time rush, the veggies were still succulent and fresh to the taste. She has a great feel for herbs and spices, making everything savory as well as comforting. With a juice bar, healthy shakes, bulk herbs, catering, and healthy beauty products, in addition to the restaurant, this café is jammed full of goodness. In a word, sustenance. When’s the last time YOU had callaloo?

The Health Garden Veggie Plate

The Health Garden Veggie Plate

Al Green , Honeyboy Edwards, B.B. King, and a BBQ Pork Chop Samich. A 2000 mile motorcycle odyssey

August 2, 2008
Sauce Boss Live

Sauce Boss Live

Concert Schedule:

Hooo Boy, I had a good time. As the song goes, “I have had my fun, if I don’t get well no more.” Check this out. We were goin to do four days on Beale Street, so I decided to ride my bike from Tallahassee to Memphis and back home – a journey of 2000 miles. What an adventure.

As I was finishing up at the Blues City Cafe, I heard that the very next day, The Honorable Reverend Al Green was going to be preaching at his church, The Full Gospel Tabernacle. What a poor sinner to do when he can get the Word from the real deal source of spiritualistic funk? And so I putted down to the church bright and early Sunday morning, ready to get some religion, and Son, did I ever! Before the Rev. even showed up, I was feeling the Spirit. What a beautiful scene this church is. The opening music was truly inspirational. However, when Al began his sermon, all heaven broke loose. There was singing and praising, rejoicing, and thanking, crying and hollering, and feeling the Spirit like nobody’s business. I was just about to throw all my credit cards in the plate when the good reverend said, ”I know that times have been rough for you folks, so today, don’t bother putting any money in the basket. I have taken care of it for you”. I ask you, Brothers and Sisters, when was the last time you heard a preacher say that?

I left Memphis with a good feeling way down in my soul. I needed it for I was about to ride straight into a hailstorm. First I hit the heavy winds. Then I rode through a dust devil – a mile high cloud of dust and debris. Visibility was about fifty feet, sometimes less. I was looking for a funnel but none appeared. And then the rain and hail came down clackity clack on my helmet. By the time I reached the next overpass, I was drenched. “This is the life”, I said to myself, almost believing it. However I met some nice people under the bridge and I had time for a little nap before continuing to Hot Springs, Arkansas. A couple of days soaking in the hot springs had me ready for my next adventure.

Honey Boy Edwards June 08

Honey Boy Edwards June 08

I headed south to Greenville, Mississippi for the Leland Blues Fest. I was able to catch heard Honey Boy Edwards doin the real blues in Leland down by the railroad tracks. It don’t get no bluesier than that. Deep in the delta I hit the blues mother load. While embedding myself in the local scene I heard that B.B. King was in town.

BB King at Club Ebony June 2008

BB King at Club Ebony June 2008

So on Saturday night I was sitting with my boots up on the stage at the Club Ebony, eating a bbq pork chop samich. And incidentally, the food at Club Ebony is very good at a very reasonable price. I hear the catfish is to die for. So anyway, I’m chowin down on my BBQ pork chop samich, watching B.B. King hold court at his hometown juke. He finished the show and walked right by me. He took my hand and I helped him with the steps. All I could say was, “Thank you. Thank you.” The photo here is B.B. as he leaves the stage. Truly a magnificent personality, he has done so much for so many. Thank you Mr. King.

So after all this blues and gospel, it was time for me to head for the house. My trusty steed was waiting patiently as I mounted up for the 10 hour ride back to Florida. But do not fret. I’ll be sliding back to Mississippi to soak up some more of the real deal another time.

Ottawa Blues Fest, Pappy’s German Restaurant, and Summer Squash/Papaya Bisque

August 2, 2008


Who’s that guy in the Gumbo pot?

St Andrews Marina 1000 Bayview Avenue Panama City, FL 32401

Serving authentic German food since 1982. When’s the last time ya had some real Bratwurst? Or real Wiener Schnitzel? Roladen? How bout Spazel with Gravy? Schweinebraten? Sauerkraut? Once in a while I get a hankering and Pappy’s is the place to fill the need without killing you with grease. Munich born Christine Jamieson opened the restaurant when her husband retired from the military. She loved to entertain at home, and so restaurateuring was a natural step. Twenty-five years later she still holds court at this charming little restaurant/bar right across from the marina in the St. Andrews neighborhood. Take a walk through the park and check out the world’s only cultivar of a four headed Butia Capitata – commonly called the Pindo Palm. Or take the boardwalk through the trees to the shore of St. Andrews Bay. Saunter down to the marina and check out the yachts and fishing vessels. Pick out some fresh shrimp, right off the boat. Work up an appetite.

Pappy's Dinner Plate

Pappy's Dinner Plate

Then it’s time to relax with a chilled German Beer (Pappy’s has a great selection), let the sun go down, and sample the homemade soups, the authentic German dishes, or the traditional Panama City shrimp. (they gotta be fresh). The gumbo gets the Sauce Boss seal of Approval. It’s a Gulf Coast seafood, tomato and okra based gumbo, spiced just right. And… if yer real lucky, you may catch Kieth, the seventy-five year old drummer. Sometimes, on Friday and Saturdays, Keith Unger kicks out the oom-pas with pre-recorded tracks for your dining and dancing pleasure. Just a guy with his drum set jamming with the stereo, doing Frank Sinatra, John Phillip Sousa, and Einzug der Musikanten. A bowl of Bavarian cabbage soup, Polish sausage, a couple o Warsteiner pilsners, some polkas, and some good company makes for a cozy, albeit pungent evening. Don’t get no better. Carry outs available. That’s a good thing

This is sooo yummy and so easy to make
1 Lb. of summer squash steamed
½ Lb. fresh papaya
1 Pint fresh organic almond milk
Dusting of ground nutmeg
Put every thing in a blender and that’s it!

Incidentally, I found the best almond connection. They are organic unpasteurized almonds which are so creamy, the milk is like half and half. Here’s the link.

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