SW Fla Dates, and “Hayseed’s” in the Movie Business

October 7, 2021

I’m coming to Southwest Florida next week. Although I’ve been laying low, ’cause of Covid, I’m now venturing out for a few dates. I’ve been playin the “Delta Blues” and avoiding it like the plague that it is, but with the cases and deaths receding, and since I’ve been vaccinated and boosted, I feel pretty good about getting back into it. Friday Oct. 15th, I will be at the Blue Rooster in Sarasota, and Saturday Oct. 16th, I’ll be at the Camping With the Blues Festival in Brooksville. I’ve had some time to tweak my stuff, so come get your fill of my new sonic recipes and culinary blues.

Tom Petty’s rockdoc, “Somewhere You Feel Free” will be premiering at movie theatres worldwide for a special one day screening on his birthday, October 20. I actually helped out on the film with some drum tracks, and my daughter, Mary directed the film. (Spoiler…that’s how I got the gig). It headlined at SXSW and received the Audience Award for the screening. Having seen the film myself, I believe she has a good chance for her second Grammy. They used a treasure trove of 16 mm black and white footage, and in addition to being gorgeous, it’s the most candid and poignant rock and roll portrait I’ve ever seen. If you’re a Tom Petty fan, bring yer hanky, you will need it.

Tallahassee folks, mark your calendar. November 20th I will bring some friends and family to a concert and screening of “Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President”, at the Cascades Park. In addition to all y’all, my friends include Neal Goree on guitar, Butch Gonzalez on bass, and Brett Crooks on drums. The movie was awarded four “Best Of”s from the Los Angeles Film Awards; Best Documentary Feature: Mary Wharton. Best Film: Mary Wharton. Best Editing: Mari Keiko Gonzalez. And Best Original Score: Bill “Sauce Boss” Wharton! This will be a great reunion. It’s free of charge. Please join us.

This is how Liquid Summer tastes. Hot and spicy, like a beautiful day on Bahia Honda. Get it Here.

WOW! What a complement. “Rabid and walloping”. Thanks Living Blues Magazine!!!!


Bill Wharton, famously known as the Sauce Boss, is more than simply an astute advocate of the blues. He’s also a unique entertainer who not only serves his audiences up a unique musical blend, but also feeds them something more, namely the New Orleans-style gumbo that he stirs onstage while playing his gigs. It’s a novel idea, and fortunately it doesn’t detract from his main preoccupation, which is all about sharing some gut-wrenching blues, as driven by sizzling slide guitar and his astute, emotive vocals. It’s a signature sound that’s served him well throughout a career lasting more than 30 years while resulting in a loyal legion of fans in the process.
That said, those who are unaware of the Sauce Boss’ charms would be well advised to pick up Peanuts, a retrospective of sorts that begins with one of his earliest signature songs, the rabid and walloping Let the Big Dog Eat, and progresses through several earlier offerings. Notably too, it also includes Wharton’s recent contributions to the documentary Jimmy Carter: Rock and Roll President, an award-winning film that garnered Best Original Score honors for Wharton himself at the Los Angeles Film Awards. Given that Carter himself was famously fond of music and the artists responsible for making it, Sauce Boss’ down-home delivery found a fine fit with the former president. However, unlike the Allman Brothers, Willie Nelson, and the other artists who found his favor, Sauce Boss’ trademark style relies solely on vocals, gut bucket guitar, slide, dulcimer, and rubboard, without sacrificing any energy or exhilaration in the process.
Evidence of that can be found everywhere here, from the surging solo strum of Zipper Bird and the frenzied wail of Outlaw Blues, to the tangled acoustic ramble that defines Shiners Blues, to the slow sprawl of Smile in Basket and the emotive ballad, Song of the Irish Band. All but four tracks are performed by Wharton alone, further indicating his ability to captivate a crowd all on his own. So too, when he draws on the slow blues of an ominous offering like Chicago Combat Zone, those darker designs impart a decidedly dire impression.
While other artists may draw from a similar template, few leave as much of a lingering impression as the Sauce Boss. Wharton is, after all, a determined showman, and it’s a mark of his skill and ability that he excels on those realms so assuredly. This particular serving of Peanuts definitely packs a punch.

–Lee Zimmerman
(Living Blues Magazine #273
July/August 2021 p 54-55)

Take it to the Bridge…

July 28, 2021

Time to hit it one more time! After a half dozen dates to dust off the tunes, and get the body limbered up, I’m ready to go. SUPER excited to get back to it, and this working vacation that I call Life is fixin to hit a new high. Starting with a stop this week in Ormond Beach, then trek north to Maryland, NYC, New England, Buffalo, Sharon and Pittsburgh. Please spread the word to all your peeps in these places. Here’s more info.

I am soooo looking forward to bringing my new music to all y’all up north, but it’s a gonna be a bitter sweet journey for me. When we first started booking this trip, we had planned to make stops in Virginia, Houston, Austin, Sante Fe, Las Vegas, LA, Salt Lake City, Colorado, Arkansas, and Pensacola. Many of these stops were to be at homeless shelters. Then covid gave new meaning to playin the Delta Blues. The mutated variant strain has put a hurtin on our gigs in the hot spots across the South, in California, and the Midwest. I am sorry for the cancellations, but I do not want to take my germs into a shelter, and I do not want to pick anything up either. For that reason we have had to cancel our westward leg of this little run. However, these gigs can be rescheduled, and they will be, as soon as we can find it safe to do so. Watch this space, and keep your face in the place, I’ll be there as soon as I can. Thank you all!

Director Mary Wharton and Sauce (as she calls me) Pre-show in West Palm Beach on Father’s Day 2021

Great hang at the beach with Mary. Here we are celebrating our recent collaborations. First, the award winning, “Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President”. The Los Angeles Film Awards gave the movie Best Film, Best Editing, Best Documentary, and Best Original Score (by yers truly). Working on this project was the honor of a lifetime, thanks to Mary, her Squad of badass documentarians, and President Jimmy Carter. Then on “Somewhere You Feel Free”, the Tom Petty Documentary that Mary directed, I supplied some drum tracks recorded at my new Swampside Studio. After headlining SXSW and receiving their “Audience Award,” this film is destined for greatness. I can not wait for y’all to see it. That old 16 millimeter footage is gorgeous, and the story is the most personal, candid presentation I’ve ever seen.

Monkfish a la Sauceboss Y’all

Poor man’s lobster! Half the price of tuna, and so succulent. Influences from all over the world are in this recipe. I started with a Malaysian curry kind of thing, and added okra (Africa/southern USA), and peppers, (Jalapeno and Guajillo from Mexico), and Chinese string eggplant.

1 lg onion
1 inch fresh grated ginger (or more)
6 cloves garlic mashed and minced
1 jalapeno chopped
1 Guajillo chopped

1 can coconut milk
3 Tbs curry powder
Bring to a boil

Eggplant and okra until they are cooked

Add: fish for a few minutes

Voila! One pot, easy peazy!

Thanks Joe Bonamassa, Keeping the Blues Alive, and so many others!

Well…crawling out from under this rock that harbored me for over a year is an exhilarating feeling. I had a chance to recharge and write, and build, and garden, and chill like never before. I am so lucky to be where I am. Still alive. Still kickin it. Still loving what I do. I actually kept busy, but at my own pace, and like so many others I got a glimpse of what it could be. Having hard work and also the time to kick back and see the fruits of my labor has been so fulfilling. I have to give some thanks to all who helped me during this time without gigs. To the folks who watched the live streams. THANK YOU!!! To those who contributed to the virtual tip jar, THANK YOU!!! To those who bought my hot sauce, records, CDs, and books, THANK YOU!!! To the folks who, out of the blue, just sent me money, THANK YOU!!! To my partner and gumbo wrangler, Ruth Wharton, THANK YOU!!! To all y’all on social media who gave me encouragement when things looked dark, THANK YOU!!! And a special shout out to Joe Bonamassa and Keeping the Blues Alive for the check, THANK YOU!!!

Keep Cookin!

Here we go again!

May 3, 2021

I am stoked about seeing all y’all down that long and winding road.

This coming Saturday, May 8th, I will be playing/cookin for a Free Cajun Fest at the James Weldon Johnson Park in Downtown Jacksonville. Other music includes Let’s Ride Brass Band and Flow Tribe. It’s time to make the GUMBO!!!! Downbeat is at 4:30. 135 W. Monroe St. Jacksonville. VIP pods also available with drink tickets.

Saturday May 22: The Sauce Boss, along with Special Guests: The Frank Jones Band, and a Mega Gumbo Jam will be donating their performances to support their favorite local juke Joint, the Bradfordville Blues Club in Tallahassee, which has been closed for a year due to the pandemic. This show will be on the new outdoor stage under the oaks, so plenty of room for everybody! Bring some chairs or a blanket to sit on. Beer, wine and sodas available at the bar, and Ms. Ernestine’s fried fish next to the bonfire.
Gate opens at 6:00 pm Showtime is 7 pm. Advance Tickets at www.bradfordvilleblues.com/events-tickets/

Father’s Day Sunday June 20 Downtown West Palm Beach, Free Outdoor Gumbo show at Sundays on the Waterfront at the Meyer Amphitheater 4 pm-7 pm

Help me spread the word, and come on down. We are now working on our schedule. Within a few months, we should be seein ya down the road. To keep up with the comings and goings sauceboss.com/tour.

And if you haven’t picked up a your copy of “Peanuts” yet, head on down to the Sauce Boss Store

Rock and Roll President and Peanuts

January 9, 2021
It’s official. Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President is a HIT! It has swept awards on the festival circuit. Wowed Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, and received a glowing word of mouth movement not seen for half a century. If you have not watched this film, you need to. It airs again on Saturday, January, 9 @ 10 PM EST on CNN. Or for $8-$10 you can purchase a streaming copy that you can watch over and over. And you will want to watch it more than once, I promise you that.
PEANUTS Featuring Original Music from the Documentary “Jimmy Carter Rock & Roll President”

Press Release:
“Peanuts” is the latest album from the Sauce Boss. It’s a diverse retrospective, with some new tunes added, that made up the original score for the Jimmy Carter film. From his 1989 Kingsnake release featuring Pat Ramsey and Lucky Peterson, through three decades of shouting his blues, to the new release of “Shiner’s Blues”, Bill Wharton has painted a sonic backdrop for the story of a president who to this day is an ardent fan of music. It was arguably musicians who got him elected, playing benefits on the weekends so he could buy ads on Monday morning, and introducing fans to their good friend, a peanut farmer from Georgia. As Chuck Leavell said, “He’s one of us.” While in office Carter used music as soft diplomacy to make this world a better place.

The movie has garnered many accolades. President Jimmy Carter said, “The film exceeded my expectations in every way.” CNN Films premiered “Rock and Roll President” on January 3. The Los Angeles Film Awards gave “Best Picture”, and ‘Best Feature Documentary” to Director, Mary Wharton, Best Editing to Mari Keiko Gonzalez, along with “Best Original Score” going to Bill Wharton, the Sauce Boss himself! The album will be released on February 5, 2021. You can preorder it now. Right here.

Ya Know…AWWWWWWW Yeah! Get yours here right now

Apple Raisin Pineapple Walnut Fig Bread
So many have asked me for this recipe, I guess I’ll have to give away some of my secrets. Here it is:
First let me give you my general quick bread recipe which you can tailor to your occasion as you wish.
2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 or more Tbsp flax meal
All sifted together
To these dry ingredients you may add spices depending on where you want to end up. If you want a savory cornbread, substitute cornmeal for half of the flour and put hot pepper flakes or chopped jalapenos or hatch chiles along with summer savory. With wet ingredients (1 cup of milk), honey, 1 can of corn with the water, and onions.
If you want a sweet bread add to the dry ingredients, allspice, or cinnamon. When I make my coffee cake I put a bunch of walnuts and allspice in the batter and the dust the top with cinnamon. I went a little fruit crazy on this recipe. I just like to see what’s up in my fridge. So to the dry ingredients I added 1/2 tsp allspice and 1/2 tsp cinnamon. Then to the cup of milk I added 1/4 cup applesauce, 1/4 cup honey, 4 apples peeled and chopped, a handful of raisins, 4 rings of pineapple chopped with some of the juice. 1/2 to 1 cup walnuts chopped, a cup of figs that we dried from last summer’s harvest chopped. I don’t really measure when I make bread. I guesstimate and when I mix the wet and dry if it’s to wet I add flour. If it’s too dry I add a little milk. Put it in an oiled pan and bake at 350 for 40 minutes …or so. This recipe works for banana bread or sweet potato bread. Just pick yer fruit and throw it in there.

2021: “Hold my beer…”
Me: I’m torn and tattered but I’m still afloat. Come on y’all, let’s get it!!!

All the Holidays!

December 15, 2020

Merry, happy, and all that jazz. Round the corner, there’s a great time to be had. Don’t blow it by being bad. Be safe. Be healthy. Be considerate of others. Love and hugs to all y’all. Keep cool and pass the turkey, ham or thank you ma’am.

January 3 at 9 pm…
my daughter’s rockumentary about Jimmy Carter and a who’s who of musical artists who supported him will air on CNN. If you missed it on pay for view, catch it for free on CNN.

Is my new CD (and Download) featuring my original music from the documentary, Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President. It’s a very diverse retrospective with a few new tunes thrown in. All of the songs on the CD were in the score of the movie. Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer before he was president. Though I could never compare myself to a man of his stature, I really relate to him, being from humble beginnings myself. I still have a modest existence and like a little peanut stand beside the road, I have hawked my hot sauce and put out some pretty cool tunes. Cool enough to get “Best Original Score” from the Los Angeles Film Awards. Peanuts is available for preorder and will include a download when it’s available. Come and get your hot boiled peanuts right here!!!

Liquid Summer Hot Sauce   Order HERE at the Sauce Boss Store

Swampside Studio

My jammin shack/workshop is almost complete!

Check out that buttress in the back. That’s a partially open air, 8′ X 16′ workspace. Insulation goes into the big room this week and the drywall soon after. I have a lot of odds and ends left to do, but I will be able to move in very soon. I’m pinching myself. Can this be real? Call me crazy to do a project like this right in the middle of a pandemic, but I just can’t sit on my hands. I have to keep doing what I can do to help. With music, with gumbo, and with good vibes. You can help also with a purchase of my new album and my hot sauce. I’m not by any means perfect, but I am a good cause. Thank you all and as my Mama used to say, “Bless your heart.”

And for the vinyl lover…

Four LPs: two from the pre CD era of the 1980’s: “Let the Big Dog Eat” (1984) recorded live at Kent’s Lounge, “Recipes” (1989)-my first Kingsnake Records LP, “100% Pure”(2015) and “Blind Boy Billy” a 10″ EP (2019) on Burning Disk Records. Buy them all and get the complete collection (4) for $60, or $20 each. Postage is included to US addresses.

Cyber Monday Shopping and a New Studio Soon Come!

November 30, 2020

It’s officially the Holidays!
Time to reup on yer supplies. Don’t get caught with yer hot sauce down.
While you’re at it, you might wanna get some music or a copy of my book. It’s a Memoir/Song and Recipe Book. While reading you can follow the link and hear the audio of the tunes. All the songs, recipes, and photographs follow the storyline. And it’s quite a picaresque, following my Quixotic mission to make as much noise as I could, while attempting to keep my sideburns intact. Somehow I made it through a high speed chase, a couple of heart attacks and 30 years of living on the road. I really appreciate your buying my sauce and music. It’s helping me get through this year with all my gigs canceled. Here’s a link to the Sauce Boss Store. http://sauceboss.com/shop

The Hot Sauce For The New Millenium

Sorry to be absent from the social media.
I have not been sitting on my hands. I’ve been busy. Working every bit as much as when I was touring, and that was hard work. I swear I work myself worser than any boss I ever had. I love to use the word “worser”. (To think that I was once certified to teach english. LOL!) In these crazy daze when things are not as you would expect them to be, just say…”2020.” It covers pretty much any situation. In addition to wrapping up my upcoming album and getting my winter gardens all squared away, I’m building a studio and workshop.

It’s a work in progress. Lots left to do, but it’s dried in, and I have already cut a percussion track for the new album in the room. Even without the insulation, it sounds awesome. I played a midnight set to see how much it rocks and did not wake the neighbors. I’m stoked to have a day or night, anytime the urge hits, kind of place to play whatever I want to play, whenever I wanna play it kind of a scene.

Thanks to my daughters, Annie and Mary, for the encouragement, and to my son, Floyd, for coordinating the building of this amazing space. It sounds like a hall! A 16 X 20 foot room has an 8 X 16 foot workshop in the rear. All this is 10 feet from my house.

Floyd Wharton and helper.

Ruthie Wharton did a thing!!!
She had a little birthday benefit on the Facebook, figuring she could make enough to fund a Planet Gumbo show at a homeless shelter. Well…she made her goal in record time, so she upped her goal. She finally ended up collecting well over $5000 in donations. So, here’s the plan: as soon as it is safe for me to hit the road, we will travel to California and back, taking my music and gumbo to soup kitchens and homeless shelters nationwide. We at Planet Gumbo realise what this pandemic has meant to millions of Americans who will lose their homes, or be without food. Since I will not have time to book the paying gigs to get me out there and back, the donations will finance the trip. As Director, musician, chef, and gumbo pot washer, I receive no salary from Planet Gumbo. Your donations and my elbow grease keep the Planet Gumbo Shows happening. Thanks to all y’all who give to Planet Gumbo. Give here.

In closing, I want to keep it as upbeat as I can, but I realize that the next few months are going to be brutal. With nearly 200,000 new cases of the virus each day, it’s rising exponentially. Please show compassion for your neighbors, and especially the essential workers who are stressed to the breaking point already. I will leave you with this: We are in this together. It’s time to get past the “ME, ME, ME, Mine, Not Yours” mentality. Doctors and nurses are literally killing themselves so that you can live. Please show some respect and… Check this out.

BUCKLE UP! And Watch “Cookin With the Sauce Boss” Sunday Sept. 27

September 24, 2020


LIVE STREAM! Totally Original Music and Cooking show.

No covers, just the Sauce Boss doin his thing.  

Watch “Cookin With the Sauce Boss”.

Sunday September 27 8 PM EDT.

 on Facebook LIVE!

My last “Cookin” show had waaaaay over 5,000 viewers. I could feel the love and good vibes pouring out of my device, as we all came together for the festivities. It’s always shot from the hip in so many ways. Join us on September 27 at 8 pm for food, fun, slide guitar, and my music. “Cookin with the Sauce Boss”!!!

Also, please sign up on my YouTube channel.
Facebook is cracking down on live videos, and I need about 180 more subscribers to be able to do a live show on YouTube. Keep “Cookin With the Sauce Boss” on the air! Share this. Spread the word. We can do this. THANKS!!!! Sign up HERE.

Fasten your seatbelts. We are experiencing some turbulence. It may be too much to hope for, but I hope and pray that love and democracy will prevail for all of us. Please VOTE! 

In the meantime, I have some positive news. “Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President” has been released to rave reviews. At a private screening in Plains, Georgia, Carter himself said, “I wouldn’t change a thing.”  The Los Angeles Film Awards picked my daughter Mary’s rockumentary for “Best Picture”! Also The film was picked for “Best Documentary”.  It was also picked for Mari Keiko Gonzalez’ seamless “Best Editing”. Mary was one of the executive producers and she also directed it. I can’t tell y’all how proud our family is of Mary Wharton, and her whole crew. She described it as the “Little Movie That Could”, and it definitely can! I am not a bit surprised, knowing her work.  If you want to read some reviews and watch some interviews, check out sauceboss.com/Jimmy-carter-movie

However… the big surprise is that the “Best Original Score” award goes to…(Are you ready for this?)…The award goes to…BILL WHARTON!!!!! If that ain’t a sweep, I don’t know what is. I am completely blown away. I’m proud, I’m humbled, I’m pinching myself. When we did the recording session in New York City, it was like spending time with friends and family.  Oh that’s right. We were with friends and family. Whatever your politics, whatever your musical tastes are, you will love watching a genuine, honest, hard working man get down with the Allman Brothers, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Charlie Daniels, Aretha Franklin, Jimmy Buffet, Ray Charles, Bono, and a whole lot more. Through it all, his unwavering faith shines bright. “During my presidency we never fired a bullet, never dropped a bomb.” A true follower of the Prince of Peace.

Rogerebert.com: “Wharton’s ‘Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President’ is fresh water in the middle of a desert.”

NOW, I’m so happy to share this with all y’all. You can watch the film at home. Click on JimmyCarterMovie.com, go to buy tickets, and enjoy!  Choose any theater, and then choose VIRTUAL.  Some of the theaters listed have in theater viewing times too (don’t choose a time unless you want to go to that theater at that time).  This screening is only distributed via the theaters for a couple of weeks, so don’t delay.  


23 Liquid Summer Ad copy

Ya know? I mean really! Do you Know? AWWWWWWWW, Yeah! I know…Liquid Summer will CHANGE your life. It changed my life. It will change your life too!  And it’s almost time for presents.

Here’s where you can get it delivered to your house.

And now we return to our feature presentation . . .

Moody’s BBQ

This photo will bring tears to some eyes. Anyone who’s ever been there, tasted some of the best… anywhere. If you recall the sumptuous mingling of tangy sauce and succulent ribs, prepared by a pit master with deep, dark culinary roots, reaching across oceans and over continents, to an ancient fire in a long forgotten land where his grandfather’s, grandfather’s, grandfather’s, grandfather’s grandfather sat stoking the flames in preparation of a feast to feed his family, you might have been to Moody’s. If your tastebuds  can savor the prehistoric ritual of life and death, and what it took to deliver this sacrifice, so that we can live, and if you can bring all of this to the table, along with your plate of BBQ…then you will know… you have been to Moody’s. RIP.

Sign up on the Sauce Boss Youtube channel here.

I’ve Got Killer Tone

August 13, 2020

Sunday, August, 16,  I’m doin the tunes for the times that we live in.
Tune in @ 8 pm EDT on FACEBOOK LIVE

Cookin With the Sauce Boss is a series of tunes for the times we’re in right now. And I have something on the stove for your down home dinner plans. Join me swampside for tunes, new and used, and a belly full of…well you know.

Killer Tone

Here’s the song recorded Live at the Green Parrot in Key West with a schmokin band: John Hart, guitar, Jassen Wilber on bass, and the one and only, Justin Headley playing the drums. This tune and a whole lot more coming at cha next Sunday!

Welcome to Swampside

Swampside is really a magical place, mentioned in my memoir.
(For the whole story, get “The Life and Times of Blind Boy Billy” on Amazon HERE)

Istanbul, Turkey

Swampside is now my new record company and studio. It’s a work in progress, but it’s coming along. It’s a studio and workspace to improve my quality of life. I sold a couple of guitars and an old amplifier. Then our kids found out about it and they kicked in also. Thanks to Annie Wharton and Mary Wharton for the $$$$$, and Floyd Wharton for your time and expertise. I am truly one lucky dude to have such a generous family.

I am currently working on an album featuring the tunes which were included in Mary’s movie, “Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President.” There were 17 pieces of my music that were used in the film and this has garnered me the “Original Score” credit. The theatrical release for the film is in September, and it will also be aired in January on CNN. My new album will feature classic Sauce Boss tunes and also unreleased material that I wrote for the soundtrack of the film. I’m hoping for a January release date for this as well.


 As an aside, keep yer eye on Mary Wharton. Some crazy good stuff is happening for her in 2021. I am so excited for us all. Stay tuned.

Insanely Healthy Stewed Okra and Tomatoes

Got tomatoes? Got okra? Fresh from the garden is a completely different animal.
Sliced okra
Chopped tomatoes
4 cloves minced garlic
1 medium onion chopped
1 Banana pepper chopped
3 Tbsp Liquid Summer Hot Sauce
Vegetable broth

Saute onions, garlic and pepper in vegetable broth
Add okra, tomatoes and Liquid Summer, stir, and cook until the okra works it’s  magic thickening the whole mess
Let it sit for a minute to cool down and further thicken the broth
That’s what I’m talkin bout

 Get yours HERE!
And please subscribe to my YouTube Channel

I am truly heartbroken about what has happened due to the mishandling of the coronavirus. There are places in the world where there are zero cases because they took care of business. In New Zealand they are having soccer games now with 50,000 in attendance. They are completely covid free. And we, on the other hand…
Take a minute and check out this video that Mary and I made, and please share it with your friends.
Keep Cookin, be well, keep smiling, and bless all your hearts,

Bill Wharton



Smile In A Basket Release

June 9, 2020

Me and Mary are smiling. (There’s a lot going on this week)

My new music, “Smile in a Basket”, is a message of compassion. We worked with Grammy Award winning producer, Mary Wharton, who was produced and directed by me and Ruthie Wharton. I contributed this tune and 16 others to Mary’s upcoming documentary, “Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President”, garnering musical score credit. The movie is about to hit the film fest circuit and has found some verrrrry prestigious places to land. It’s an amazing film, actually a rockumentary, with interviews and performances from a who’s who of the musical landscape. 

I think you’ll really dig this video of “Smile in a Basket”.   We will have a live premiere on my YouTube channel on Thursday, June 11, at 8 pm. Subscribe here and we’ll send out a reminder 30 minutes before it airs, so we can all watch it together. The video is dedicated to all the health care and essential workers who have shouldered the load for the rest of us. Share it with your friends.

Big thanks to all who joined me:
Produced, directed, and edited by Mary Wharton
Camera/producer: Ruthie and Bill Wharton
Words, Music, Vocal and Guitar by Bill Wharton
String arrangement by David Davidson
Violin: David Davidson
Viola: Kristin Wilkinson
Bass: Byron House
Photos/movie clips: Mary Wharton, Kelly Durrant, Jennifer Garrett, Danny and Kelly Goddard, Bill Wharton, Damon Fowler, Naeam Wilkerson

The response to my Facebook Live concerts has been really great. Thanks to all who watched and contributed. This is REALLY helping me stay afloat during these _________________(you pick a word) times. Please join me on June 14 for a special edition of Sauce Boss Live on my Sauce Boss Facebook page. Come on down at 7:45 PM.  Concert starts at 8:00 pm. I’ll be singing my new tune and makin gumbo. 

Fasolakia (Greek Style Beans)

These are good times to concentrate on your health. I have been feeling better now that I’m cooking so much. Here’s a couple of recipes that I just made, to get my vegetables.

Made with beans and tomatoes, fresh picked. Onions, potatoes, garlic, lemon and dill. Saute onions and garlic. Add tomatoes, a little Liquid Summer hot sauce, and cook em down just a little, then add broth, potatoes, beans. Cover and cook on low. Add lemon juice and fresh dill. This is the real healthy version. I saute the onion and garlic in broth. If you want a little more grease, use olive oil for the saute, then splash a little more when you add the juice and dill. 

Bim Bim Bap a la Peckerwood

So I had these leftovers. Asparagus, collards, and the beans.  Scraped together a salad of lettuce, onions and cukes; grated carrots and threw some mung sprouts in there, added a quank of bread-and-butter squash pickles, put the cold veggies on hot steaming brown rice, and I had the beginnings of a great meal. You know what they say, “It’s all in the sauce.” Gochujang sauce. The red sauce in Korean food. I use the Korean pepper, but you can substitute cayenne and paprika for this recipe.

2 Tbsp light miso
1 Tbsp ground red pepper
1 Tbsp paprika
2 Tbsp honey
2 Tbsp rice vinegar
2 Tbsp Liquid Summer Hot Sauce
4 cloves minced garlic
Water to thin it out

Eat up with flavor, it makes the leftovers jump and shout! This sauce livens up a lot of dishes. Let some little cubes of cucumber or steamed brussel sprouts sit in some of this stuff overnight. Yummm!


WhartonShop  is now on Etsy

Sauce Boss merch and memorabilia, (some great old festival shirts. If you’d like anything autographed, just let us know ). Also vintage personal items, clothing and whatnot for your browsing pleasure. We’ve been selling a bunch of Ruthie’s childhood board games. So if you’re “board”…just sayin, stop in and check it out.

Who woulda thought that I would have to spend most of this year at home? I really appreciate all y’all’s generosity! I look forward to seeing y’all again on the road, and sharing my gumbo with you.  Here’s a link to my “Tip Jar” page.

Next Sunday. Sauce Boss LIVE!… Busy, Busy, Busy, and a Big Red Oak Tree

April 26, 2020

Sunday, May 3rd, 8 pm. Sauce Boss LIVE!

Mark your calendar. Next Sunday I will be live once more. I had such a good time virtually hangin wid all y’all, I’m on have to do it again. This one will be a hoot. I’ll bring out my old ’33 National steel  guitar, and git all gut bucket on ya. I’ll cook a little somethin up in the kitchen. Plus that bluesy version of the Beatles tune is smokin. So as Lennon said…”Spread the Word!” Please share this with your friends. “Come on in my Kitchen” and join us on Facebook LIVE at 8 pm on May 3rd.

Sauce Boss Video in the works

My daughter, Mary Wharton has just finished a movie project which I am extremely proud to be part of. I have contributed a bunch of my music for the Original Score. The name of the movie…”Jimmy Carter  Rock and Roll President.” Mary is one of the Producers and the Director. The movie has interviews with, and performances by The Allman Brothers, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett, Muddy Waters, Garth Brooks, Dizzy Gillespie, Marshall Tucker, and Charlie Daniels, to name a few. After hanging in the thick of the New York rock video scene for the last few decades, Grammy winning Mary has honed her chops enough to make this flick JUMP! The movie is a rockumentary about how the above mentioned musicians rallied behind the South Georgia peanut farmer, lighting his path to the White House. The attention these musicians gave to Jimmy Carter as being “one of us”, gave the whole country another choice after the corruption of the Nixon years. The movie follows Jimmy through his presidency, and all the way to today as he builds houses for the poor, and promotes peace and equality all over the world. His unshakeable faith shines through the whole story. The movie was scheduled to premiere April 15 in New York City at the Beacon Theatre, kicking off the Tribeca Film Festival. Needless to say, we were ecstatic to attend. Willie Nelson was to play after the screening. Jimmy Buffett was planning to attend. Possibly the Obamas. Paul Shaffer was the house band. And then… well you know. Tribeca has been postponed. Here’s a link to the press release.

The good news is that an international release has been negotiated. In the meantime, I am working on a video of one of my tunes from the movie. So far I am pleased with the shoot. Mary is helping with the video production. Check out her website. (marywharton.tv). I am looking for photos of smiling faces. Would you be interested in submitting something to be part of this project? The tune is about smiling through adversity, and being kind to one another. A hi-res head shot with yer smiling mug, or even a 3 or 4 second video might work.  If you are interested, upload a high res photo or video clip to:


When this pandemic began taking over the world, I thought I’d be bored out of my mind, but nothing could be further than the truth. I’m busier than ever, doin stuff. Sure, I miss seein y’all, and bumpin up against everybody, hangin in a crowd, and being social, but the time and space to just live life and do whatever I want has been liberating. A month before all this cray-cray descended upon us, I had the uncontrollable urge to do a project I’d been thinking about for a long time. I made a cyprus and cedar base for an outdoor sink and we put in some more water access for gardens around the house. Since that time I’ve been non-stop. I’ve had the time and mindful determination to improve my quality of life. We used this cast iron antique sink for years in our little cabin. It’s my all time favorite. Probably 100 years old. Now it serves as the vegetable washer and dirty hand cleaner so we don’t have to make a mess in the house. It’s so handy with all the washing of hands we have to do these days, and just washing my hands in this sink makes me happy.

New Beds

We doubled our garden area with three new beds and mounds for a big crop of Native American pumpkin. We now have the garden space to supply us with six kinds of peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, eggplant, okra, leeks, broccoli, sweet potatoes, celery, parsley, three kinds of basil, oregano, chervil, rosemary, fennel, thyme, summer savory, cilantro, lemon grass, ginger, turmeric, galangal, yellow squash and a kiwi vine. New trees include grapefruit, persimmon, paw-paw, mulberry, and a couple of cold hardy avocados to add to our orchard. BURRRRP!!!

Corn and Crawfish Chowder

Having the time for planning of meals has made our dinner table amazing. This bowl of corn and crawfish chowder was off the chain good. Almost didn’t make the photo. It was gone in no time. Thanks, Ruthie!

3 big green onions chopped, greens and all
1 cup of broth
4 potatoes chopped
1 can sweet corn
1 LB crawfish tails
2 cups milk
Salt and pepper
Chopped parsley
Liquid Summer Hot Sauce

Saute onions
Add potatoes and cover with broth until done
Add crawfish and corn and milk, and cook on low until well heated
Add Liquid Summer Hot Sauce, salt, and ground black pepper to taste
Garnish with chopped parsley

New Steps

The old steps were riddled with carpenter bees and the woodpeckers came and made a wreck of them, pecking out their lunch. I just haven’t had time to do anything about it. Red and white oak. There’s always so much to do.

Screenshot From My Phone

On September 2, 2016, Hurricane Hermine passed right over us. Outside the house was a maelstrom of wind and rain. Soon after midnight I heard a rumbling of wind and a crunching sound as a big red oak tree was blown over, ripping the roots out of the ground. The crunching sound went on for a very long time as the tree slowly fell into neighboring trees striping limbs or completely flattening them on its way down, finally coming to rest in the arms of a couple of other trees.

Sometimes I’m the luckiest guy I know.

Here’s the view from upstairs in my office.

It was a mess.
So I cleaned all the dirt off the roots.

That was the fun part.

I cut off the roots.

The logs took a ride to the mill

And I made a fire

After drying the boards under tin for three years, my son Floyd planed the 2×14 inch boards, and I made this coffee table from my old friend. How many times did I stand next to you in the night, gazing into the trees or up at the heavens? Thanks for the company, the relief, and now a place to put my cup.



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