Soup Kitchens, Festivals, Meeting of the Minds, And Some Cold Fish

October 4, 2016

sbcoveroct2016Here It Is. Georgia War Veterans Home, Food for the Soul soup kitchen, The South Carolina Down Home Blues Festival, The Suwannee Roots Revival Festival, Doc’s Bacon, Brews, and Blues Festival, The meeting of the minds!, Boondocks on Summerland Key, The Highlands Fine Art Festival in Sebring. Come and get some!!!!


The Meeting of the Minds 2016 will be a blast. Stoked to be jammin at the Casa Marina for the fourth time. The red headed step child of Trop Rock is fixin to stir up some Trouble. Don’t miss my late nite set on Thursday November 3rd.


Liquid Summer BBQ Mullet

Spray the pan with oil, broil the mullet, finish it off under the broiler with your favorite BBQ sauce, and Liquid Summer Hot Sauce. Best served cold, but who’s gonna wait for that? Make a bunch. Don’t get no better than a late night cold mullet snack.
Get your Liquid Summer RIGHT HERE.  Just got a fresh batch of datil and habanero hot sauce.  Time to order a case!


Ceviche Mexican Style

The Farm Market
1079 E New Circle Rd. Lexington, KY 40505   859-317-9125
Really sweet people have a labor of love in the Farm Market. They are reputedly the best tamales in Lexington, and I can testify that the ceviche is outstanding. This funky down home  Mexican market/cafe is a treat of off the beaten path choices for lunch. If you’re out on the New Circle, stop in for a quick and easy snack. Relax. Chill out. The vibes are right.


Killer Jams, Swimmin Holes, and Lotsa Bacon

August 8, 2016

“Cool stuff happenin.  Cool stuff ahead.”
 I told myself this lie so many times, it came true.


Benefit for Barnacle Bill’s Employees.

9 PM Saturday, August 13 The Junction @ Monroe

Saturday, August 13 The Junction @ Monroe 

Tallahassee’s legendary raw bar burned down on August 1, and so their employees are out of work. I played many a night at this place back in the day, or as I call it, “The BAD ol days”!  Come on down to The Junction @ Monroe, and join us for a great party and a great cause.  I’m on at 9 PM!  For details and complete tour schedule see

Whooee! What a Summer! Here’s just a few of my meanderings.


The BMW Owners of America International Rally 2016 Hamburg, New York


Smoked Mackerel with summer salads.  Dressing? Liquid Summer Hot Sauce!
Get your Liquid Summer Hot Sauce HERE!


Warm Springs, Virginia.
I have “taken the waters” from hot springs in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Utah, Costa Rica, Germany, France, Hungary, Peru, and now Virginia. Jefferson Pools is at the top of the heap as far as the feel good factor goes. A warm 98 degrees of heavy mineral content refreshes and invigorates when you step out of the pool into the cool mountain breeze. And your skin feels like silk. The Gentleman’s Bathhouse was constructed in 1761, making it the oldest spa structure in the US. The Pool’s namesake described the water as of the “First Merit”. Yes, Thomas Jefferson loved this place. So do I…


Big Al’s Big Owl Tiki Bar: Another Dimension!


Sauce Boss Life Hack. Hydroponic basil stays fresh in the cup holder. Smells good.


The Last Supper of Bacon. Epic carnivorous adventure at the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Fest


Worlds End State Park
The rock shelf makes for a nice swimming pool/mountain stream kinda feel. Take a dip in this river and your whole body tingles.


Rustic Buckwheat Cakes with walnuts, oats, bananas, and mangos, slathered with maple syrup. This will hang with ya. SLAMMIN!


Watkins Glen, New York

Tiki Tom! Nuff Said…

Third set of wheels for my baby. Keal Cases are the best! They sent me new replacement wheels both times. For free!


Camping on the Eighth Lake in The Adirondacks.


JP Soars. Cigar Box Guitar Wizard.


Letchworth State Park, New York.


Taste of Buffalo. 450,000 hongry people hit the street. I love playin for foodies.


This impressionist painting is actually a photograph of pebbles on the bank with the reflection of the sky and trees, melding with the lake bottom. 8th Lake Adirondacks.

BigDogBig Dog: Albert Castiglia’s album featuring my tune “Let the Big Dog Eat”  has been #1 on Roots Music Review for ten weeks! Here’s Me and Albert, and Rockin Jake jammin “Let the Big Dog Eat” at the Niagara Falls Blues Fest. Photo: Colleen Mary Johnson.

Summer Once More

May 16, 2016

Tour Schedule: Carrabelle, Pensacola Beach, Orange Beach, Tallahassee, Chester, SC, Raleigh, Ashland, VA, Washington DC, Kent Narrows MD, Ellicottville NY, Sharon PA, Warren OH, Buffalo NY. More to come.

Celebration of the Life and Music of Majic John
June 5  The Junction @ Monroe  6 – 9 PM

John Michael Jones 1948-2016

Intelligent, funny,  kind, generous, and musically gifted are a few words that come to mind. He was a good man. I first played with Majic John in 1967. Over the next few decades, we did occasional gigs together, played in a few bands together, until 1993, when he became my full time bass player. We spent sixteen years traveling all over the states, as well as Canada and Europe. He was always ready to jump in the van, or hop a flight. He loved to travel to new places, to see the sights, taste the food, and sip the wine and whiskey. We had a real good time. So with tears  of sorrow and joy, I must say, “Bon voyage, my brother”.

Big Dog CD

“Let the Big Dog Eat” rears its head once more. Albert Castiglia (That’s Ka-Steel-Ya) is about to release his latest CD featuring my tune, Let the Big Dog Eat. The song has already debuted at #1 on XM Radio.   It’s done me well: It was used by Jonathan Demme in his movie, “Something Wild”. It was also covered by Alex Taylor (James Taylor’s brother). “Let the Big Dog Eat” was also featured on Jimmy Buffett’s “Late Night Menu at the Margaritaville Cafe” CD. And NOW… Albert does a smokin version of the tune. He would come to see me play at Tobacco Road when he was a boy. Now he’s a Big Dog. Congratulations Albert.



NAZDOROVYE Russian House
307 East 5th Street Austin, TX 78701   512-428-5442
Right next to Antone’s in Austin, Texas, this is a culinary oasis in a neighborhood of over priced tourist traps. It’s like visiting your  Russian relatives at supper time.  All things Russian decorate  the place. The coat rack is full of Russian military coats. The ambience is steeped in the dark atmosphere of some really thick novel, heavy with  what has happened. Like Doctor Zhivago could walk in the door and sit down to dinner. And the bar is…vodka. They gave us free shots.
BorschtLittleI had to try the Borsch.  Delish!  So for a couple of bowls of soup, sauerkraut, bread, and the shots, we got out of there for around $20.



The Wild…
This hawk perched next to the pond behind my studio was curious. I stood within eight feet of him for fifteen minutes and we had a moment of checkin each other out. I’ve had so many close encounters with “The Wild”. When I was a kid I spent a great deal of my time exploring the swamps around my home in Longwood, Florida. There I found a deep respect for the gators, snakes, fowls, and all critters that populated the dark and murky environs. They were real. They showed me awareness of the viscerality of life in the swamp.  I carry that awareness with me to this day. I am wild.
Moose1Once I saw a moose in the Grand Tetons. I had been warned to not get too close, especially if it’s a cow and calf together. They can be very dangerous.
Moose2I moved closer to get a better look. I got a pretty good picture of her.
Moose3Just chillin, havin a drink o that pure Teton stream.
Moose4She was oblivious to my presence.
Moose5Then she looked up. Straight at me.
Moose6Continuing to drink, she kept an eye on me.
Moose7Then she turned around.
Moose8That’s when I noticed the calf.
Moose9Cute little Bullwinkle.
Moose10Mom continued to drink.
Moose11So baby moose wants something to drink also.
Moose12As the calf approaches mom, she looks straight at me…
Moose13Then she walks toward me. She’s checkin me out.
Moose15Just then the calf runs to mother.
Moose17Uh Oh…
Moose18Good Stuff!
Moose19So Mom takes a look around, checkin me out… then… she…
Moose21With her eyes on me and calf in tow.
Moose22She ran right past me.  Her calf is on her heals. And I’m here to tell you bout it. WOW!!!!!

Summer Fruit Salad
Use what you have, and what you can get. The blackberries, basil (African, Thai, and Italian), and guava flowers are from the yard. Then there’s mango, orange, lemon, grapefruit, and apple.  and lemon juice squeezed over the whole thing. Y’all have a salad of a Summer. Let the Big Dog Eat!

Chillin Down in Florida. Y’all Come On Down

January 12, 2016









Free Shows in the ORL Area
House of Blues on Friday Jan. 15 10:30 pm,
and on Tuesday Jan. 19  at 7 pm I will be the guest of Selwyn Birchwood for his Alley Unplugged series. Acoustic blues coming from Downtown Sanford, and High energy Sauce Boss gettin it, throw down, shakin and  bakin gumbo blues from Downtown Disney. Both shows are free of charge.

Come and get it!  Melbourne, Lake Worth, Key Largo, Bartow, Tampa, & 18th Annual Coral Gables Bluesfest 

DatilBottlesLittleNew at the Sauce Boss Store!  By popular demand…now you can buy just two bottles of Liquid Summer Datil Pepper Hot Sauce. (AND you can still buy a whole case)  Click here to get yer fix.


Also you can get a heavy duty bronze slide right here. 2 inches long, one inch in diameter, with an inside diameter of 3/4 of an inch. Weighing 3.6 ounces, it has some heft to it.  It’a what I use.



Oats to the Nth
(Oat Groats and Wheat Groats With Mangos and Walnuts)

This is the mother of oat breakfasts. Y’all know oatmeal. That pan of glop that they say is good for ya? Well, steel cut oats are so much heartier and tastier than oatmeal. Once you had steel cut, it’s hard to go back to just regular ol oatmeal. There’s a BIG difference. When I’m talkin breakfast, I want somethin that will stick for a while. Somethin that will get cha through to lunchtime. Steel cut oats are so much better for the the long haul. They do pretty good. That bein said, this recipe is to steel cut, as steel cut is to that oatmeal mush that some call breakfast. Hearty, har, har, har! I’m talkin to ya bout whole grain groats. That’s uncut oats. Yeah, kinda like horse feed. Ask yer horse if they’re any good. You put some uncut wheat groats in there too and it ups the ante again. Check it out.

2 cups whole oat groats
1 cup whole wheat groats (that’s NOT whole wheat flour. It’s uncut wheat)
6 cups water
1/2 cup dried mango chopped
1/2 cup walnuts
Put the oats and wheat in water and bring to a boil. Reduce to a slow boil for about 45 minutes (if you want to save time in the morning, you can start them the night before, boil for a few minutes and then turn off the burner and let them soak until morning, and cook for about 10-15 minutes).  Five minutes before the groats are done add the mango. When it’s done, mix a handful of walnuts into your steaming bowl of groats.  Above recipe is for two large bowls of oatmeal.  You might have some extra to put in your pancakes the next day which is great too.

Ho Ho Ho! The Sauce Boss Is Comin To Town!

November 30, 2015

Road Trip:  New York, Hartford, DuBoise, Rochester, Syracuse, Sharon, and Pittsburgh.
Yeah, it’s that time again. Every December, for a quarter of a century, I’ve made the trek to the Northeast for my annual holiday tour. I love the way the people come out of the woodwork for indoor sports. Makes me feel like the Creole Santy Claus. Ho, ho, ho, I’m rollin your way!

Here’s the Schedule.

For those in the NYC area, I’m excited to be playing for my good friends at the Bayou  in  Mount Vernon for their Hot Hell Fest on Thursday December 3rd at 9:00 pm. Spicy food, plenty of sauce, and a hot chili pepper eating contest. This is not for the feint of heart. It’s gonna be HOT!

Time to re-up!
Still time to order yer holiday gifts y’all. Click Here for CDs, LPs, Hot Sauce (Buy a case & share the heat), T Shirts, and Hats.


So many have asked about this guitar. What is it? OK here is the skinny on the fat sound I get with this amazing guitar. This is the Bill Wharton Special, made by my friend Mike Lewis. Mike is a Parisian luthier who makes resophonic guitars. His company moniker is Fine Resophonic.  In addition to being a beautiful instrument, it’s also and incredible work horse. You can hear the National/Dobro “cone” sound clearly, even at high volume. It blows everything else I’ve heard out of the water. It stays in tune, even with the Sauce Boss heavy hand. Mike also makes resophonic ukes. Check out the Fine Resophonic website. It’s a trip. I am honored and humbled to have this great model guitar named after little ol. Thanks Mike!

Soul Vegetarian Restaurant
1205 S Adams St. Tallahassee, Florida
(850) 893-8208
Proud to say my Liquid Summer Habanero Sauce is the house hot sauce for Soul Veg. in Tallahassee. This is great, healthy eating. Y’all need to be eatin yer greens, now, and Soul Veg has the GREENS! Super cool folks making a difference in the community, one dish at a time. It’s not only good for your heart and digestion, it’s also good for your energy, your stamina, your brain, and your mind. Indeed it’s good for your soul. You douse those red beans and rice with that Liquid Summer, and it sings a high note! Oh…and the mac and cheese is to die for. Really good. Hey, do me a favor. Tell em the Sauce Boss sent cha. Make my day. I’ll see y’all at Soul Veg.


GingerGlop is a hearty snack that will get you down the road. A no brainer. Quick and easy, a little sweet, and gingery. Kinda like an energy bar all in a lump.
2 cups oatmeal
1 ½ cups flour
4 bananas
¼ cup applesauce
¼ cup honey
¼ cup maple syrup
1 cup walnuts
1 cup raisins
2 tsp baking soda
1 tbs cinnamon
2 tbl fresh grated ginger
1 tbs vanilla
350 degrees for 10 ish minutes

Wishing all y'all the happiest of holidays, and the best new year yet. 2016 is lookin mighty sweet. Keep Cookin!

Wishing all y’all the happiest of holidays, and the best New Year yet. 2016 is lookin mighty sweet. Keep Cookin!



“Falling” In The Water

September 30, 2015

FallontheBeachI’m hangin close to the beach.
Fall has fell. Swimmin’s great, no crowds, You can find a parking space, AND…the livin is still easy. This is where you can find me: Destin, Tampa, Brooksville, key west, Sugarloaf, Marathon, Key Largo, Swansboro, NC, back to key west for the Meeting of the Minds, Punta Gorda, and Tallahassee. Lovin this. Y’all come and get some!


100% Pure Sauce Boss
CD, 180 Gram LP, or gift box with CD and two bottles of Liquid Summer Hot Sauce is available @ The Sauce Boss Store.

Good count from the Decalb Farmers Market.

Your Dekalb Farmers Market
3000 East Ponce De Leon Avenue, Decatur, Georgia 30030
When I walked into Your Decalb Farmers Market, I felt like I was coming home. There’s a lot of knowledge about food in this three and a quarter acre cornucopia. The workers have come to Atlanta from over 40 countries. They bake their own organic bread in house. Live catfish, crabs, and lobsters swim in tanks. Butcher shop has it all. The beer and wine section is stocked. The buffet ranges from BBQ to tabouli, around the world and back again. Yeah, lunch has beaucoup, mucho mas,  bunch o stuff.

“We declare that the world is designed to work. We are responsible for what does not work. We make the difference. No matter how technologically advanced we become, we cannot escape our fundamental relationships with food and each other. The possibility of these relationships is the world market. In this context, the world works for everyone free of scarcity and suffering. We commit ourselves to the possibility this world market is for the future generations of this planet.”

Our haul: Columbian coffee, imported Marzano tomatoes, pink and white grapefruit, plums, pluots, walnuts, peppers, fresh tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, oatmeal bread, strawberries, raspberries, pitty pat squash, eggplant, cinnamon, fig biscotti, Lingonberry sauce, maple syrup, a 12 pack of Bitburger German beer, and a Chilean cabernet. Most of it organic. All for $60.

I would like to thank the people who broke into my van.

And I would like to say I’m sorry. It’s gotta be rough. It’s gotta be dangerous, stealin on the street for a livin.  Tryin to get by on fencing stolen stuff. I know y’all got away with $1000 worth of video equipment. Got away with my new black and white kicks, and my hiking shoes, a half a dozen chef coats, some pants and hats, some odds and ends. But you did not take anything that was truly dear to me. You missed the good stuff. My old Tele was in my hands. I hope the bag of potatoes, onions and garlic made a good meal, as well as the two slices of leftover pizza. Thank you so much…and I’m truly sorry for you. I mean this. I am sorry. When you were risking your life and liberty for scraps, I was having the time of my life. I wish it was not like this for you. But it is. The upside is…you gonna look really good in those black and whites.  And I am one truly lucky motor scooter. See ya!


Love Me Some Summer

September 3, 2015

Biker Block Party Daytona

What a way to end the Summer! After a spectacular view of the Rockies, I’ll be playin for the gumbo in Daytona this Saturday. Sept 5, we will partay down biker style with cool blues, warm weather, hot sauce, hotter gumbo,  scorchin slide guitar, and the hottest one man show around.

MOTM2013LittleTwo Weeks Left.
Two weeks to left register for the 2015 Meeting of the Minds in key west, Florida. November 6th, I will pheed the phlocking masses at the Casa Marina. I’m bringing my band and gumbo to key west one more time. We are headlining Friday night’s adventure. It will be my only appearance in key west that week, so if you wanna get yer Sauce Boss fix at MOTM, it’s time to get yer tix.

Don’t you want to join me on a…week long cruise to the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands? Here’s the rest of the lineup: Master of Ceremonies – Honorary Mayor Gonzo Mays, Key West, FL U.S.A. and Author of Damn the Carnations, Trop Rock Junkies, Tim Charron, Barefoot’ Reggie Starrett, AJ & Carmen Angelo, Jimmy Stowe and The Stowaways, Doug Walker – Steele Drums, Pup Morse the Scuba Cowboy, North n South Band – Deanna Brown and Matt Vrba, The Shanty Hounds – Dani Hoy and Chris Rehm, Hannah Bethal. For cruise info:


 So…All I can say is WOW! I had a blast!

SBNemethLittleI’d like to thank John Nemeth for joining me at the Union Mission in Memphis. It was a dream come true to jam with this guy.ChiTrain
A gig at a Chicago  homeless shelter reminded me of why I am a musician. It also reminded me about why I play the blues, and it enabled me to kick some at Fitzgerald’s the next night. Here we are stirrin it up. It’s been a labor of love over the years for the Fitzgerald family. A great room with a whole lot of musical history.


Cho Sun OK Restaurant
4200 North Lincoln Avenue Chicago, IL 60618   773 – 549 – 5555
You know those favorite places you go to eat when you get to town? The best steak, burrito, seafood, pad thai, bbq, spaghetti, sushi, catfish or mullet. What ever floats yer  dietary boat, the place you think of, as you ease into town?  The PLACE?!?  Know what I mean? Well, the PLACE for me in Chicago is the Cho Sun OK Restaurant. I know what yer gonna say “WHA? Chicago has the best steak houses, spaghetti and pizza in the USA!” True. But in Lincoln Park, these guys have been dishin out the most authentic Korean food for 30 years. And judging by the line out the door, they have got it goin on. I like the raw skate,  swimming in a super heavy asian bbq sauce that would make Mr. Stubbs jealous. This is a journey into a culture that glorifies rotten cabbage. It don’t get no better than that.


Next time I will continue my research for the definitive pizza. Who knows?


BB’s Soups and Blues sounds about right to the Sauce Boss. Thanks to John May and the St Louis area Parrotheads for making this a riot.

Protzel’s Delicatessen
7608 Clayton, St Louis, MO 314-72104445
“Serving The Finest Corned Beef Since 1954”
Nuff said.
Sixty years of schlepping briskets, and smoked fish, and bagels, and chopped liver, and all things kosher, into this delicatessen and onto the pallets of midwesterners, has  made Protzel’s  an oasis. Their story reads like a hard working fairytale. This place is downright lovable.  Got us on the road to Colorado!

ChatauquaParkLittleBoulder, Colorado.

So St Louis is a dozen hours from Denver. We did the math and we were seized by the ubiquitous wild hair.  A last minute gig  near Boulder was a good enough excuse spend a week long adventure in the Rockies. How bout some Rocky Mountain craft beer to get things rollin?

High Octane!

High Octane

Caught the wild raspberries at just the right time


Healing Waters of the Great Spirit

Idaho SpringsLittleColorado?
With palms, bananas, and a huge rubber tree? In Colorado? Yup. Under a big ol greenhouse in Idaho Springs, Colorado is the so called Indian Hot Springs.  The main pool is sourced by 105 degree mineral water coming out of the pipe in the corner. There’s also caves with small pools with water temperature of 114 degrees. This was sacred ground to the natives who called it Healing Waters of the Great Spirit.


Cannabis  Tourism

I have been curious as to the cannabis shops in Colorado and how it all works. Pretty straightforward and simple. Flashing your ID gains entry to the “commissary”.
Pot1LittleOf all the stores we went to, each had about a dozen strains  ($80-$120 for a quarter oz.) and a smaller selection of concentrates. (Shatter or oil $40-$50 a gram). They also have lotions, creams, and a bunch of marijuana munchies.
Pot2LittleIn the first five months of 2015, the state’s pot-funded excise tax that collects money earmarked for school construction projects brought in $13.6 million.


EldoradoCanyonLittleColorado begs to be walked upon and swam in.
Eldorado Canyon and  Springs.
Eldoado SpringsThe water at Eldorado Springs is 82 degrees when it enters the pool. It takes 10,000 years for it to travel from where it falls to where it comes out of the mountain.

Rocky Mountain National Park




And that ain’t the half of it…

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